Cayram كيرم: Use skill and accuracy to take this traditional board game 3D

Review posted Sat 23 Mar '13  ·  304 comments
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It probably started when you were a child and were given a bag of marbles by your mother for your birthday. You probably began to make up your own ball games where, by flicking them, you could knock an opponents marbles off the carpet. When you were a teen you probably moved on to pool where you used a cue to skillfully hit them into the pockets. Maybe you moved on to snooker after that and added a new set of cueing skills. Well now that we are in the age of technology you can use those same skills to play a new interactive game for iOS called Cayram. With this multiplayer 3D game you score points by using dice to get the pieces into the corner nets.
Cayram is a beautifully rendered 3D multiplayer board game that requires the same amount of accuracy and skill that has been learned over the years playing snooker, pool and with your humble marbles. While you aren't literally hitting things into holes the concept is much the same. The idea of the game is to score as many points as possible by 'rolling' the virtual dice. The purpose is to maneuver the pieces into the nets that are located at all the corners. When the last of your pieces is removed from the board, the player with the highest score wins. But, as much as anything else, Cayram is a pleasure to play because of its pure beauty. This new app from the United Arab Republic turns an awesome traditional board game into a lush and luxurious digital 3D form and makes it accessible to everyone. No matter which culture or wherever they may be.
Cayram manages to turn a great little board game into something way more special and the app works beautifully on iPad (especially) and iPhone. It's a game of skill and precision and a hell of a lot of fun to play but the best thing about Cayram is that it looks like a million dollars. The beautifully rendered 3D look of the app is a joy to behold and looks great on your iDevice. Play against your friends in multiplayer mode, gain points and top the leader board. Whoever has the most points when the last chip goes down is the winner. Cayram is a great looking game that is easy to play but requires skill and a good eye to master.

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