Pinner: View all your pinboard news and articles from the comfort of your pocket

Review posted Fri 1 Feb '13
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Maybe you are not so familiar with the bookmarking app named pinboard. It has gained a lot of fans by providing a way for users' to archive, tag and search all those interesting sites that you discover and has been described as being like the popular when it frost started up. Pinner takes the bookmarking app one step further by creating a smart-looking version for both tablet and smartphone that improves the whole bookmarking experience with great search, add, edit and tagging capabilities while you read your pages.
pinner is a fast, no-nonsense new bookmarking app that manages  your pinboard news and articles and features a great user interface specifically built for iPhone and iPad. With the iPad platform fast becoming the perfect vehicle for reading news and articles it is exactly what is needed to work your way through all those pinboard articles that you bookmarked for later view. If you don't have a pinboard account it is not a problem because you can simply save your bookmarks on your device as well as being able to browse recent and popular bookmarks for interesting articles curated by the community. The app syncs your bookmarks to your iPhone or iPad. so you can enjoy reading them from the comfort of your device with your feet up and a cup of tea and a Timtam by your side.
This simple and easy to use app gives you all the functionality of pinboard but in the comfort of your own pocket where you can view, edit, delete and create new bookmarks. It's a bit like the old days when you could get the Sunday paper with your morning cuppa, put your feet up and being able to read all those interesting stories and articles in the comfort of your own home rather than sitting at your desk. Scroll through the articles easily using your iPad and catch up with all those things you pinboarded in a much more relaxed way using this free app.

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