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Review posted Mon 19 Nov '12
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I'm sure we have all been frustrated by not being able to view and read a particular document in your browser. Well, GroupDocs is a next generation cloud-based service that not only let's you see your problem documents and view them exactly as they are intended but also offers an easy and secure complete set of online document sharing,  collaboration and management tools to keep you well organized.
GroupDocs is a web-based service for online document sharing, collaboration and management that allows you to easily and securely upload, convert, view, sign and compare any document format  with your colleagues and business partners in the realtime and without the need to install any software. All the typical file management operations like managing folders, copy, move and delete are supported. You can even sign documents electronically by adding your signature and encrypting the document contents. The built-in drag and drop interface allows you to organize your files quickly where you can further create multi-page questionnaires for an easy document assembly. There are several benefits of having access to a document viewer like GroupDocs Viewer. The main one is that it is platform and software independent. No matter what type of computer or software you have, you can view most common business file formats. You don’t have to install software or go through complicated conversion processes. Just upload the file and look at the content in your browser. It can also be used as a Microsoft Word viewer. People who don't have the most recent version of Microsoft Office, or who don't have Office at all, can still view Word DOCX files through GroupDocs Viewer. There no need to convert the document, or install an extension. The same applies to PDF files: GroupDocs viewer is a Word viewer and a PDF reader all in one. It also helps you find what you're looking for in a document as it contains an  inbuilt search function so that you can find specific words of phrases quickly. Navigation is easy using thumbnails or you can easily go to a specific page. GroupDocs Viewer also lets you print the document, or download it to your computer, so that you can read it offline.
GroupDocs is a mighty fine addition to the document management team and will be a boon to those frustrated by not being able to read documents over their browser because they don't have the right readers or the most up to date version of an application like Word. And,  at about ten bucks a month, it could well be considered a cost effective way to save time and stop you pulling your hair out when you can't read an important document. It's cloud-based and provides the viewer along with signing ability, conversion of documents and annotations along with a few other neat little tricks to make your life just a little bit easier.

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