Art Browse Management: A virtual art gallery for your prized collection

Review posted Thu 31 May '12  ·  19 comments
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Why is it that whenever I seem to look at a website with an art connection it underwhelms me? Maybe it's because it's put together by artists rather than professionals. Art Browse Management is a very professional art management application that stores your work in the cloud and give you access to your collection wherever you in the world where there is an Internet connection.
Art Browse Management has been put together by TheWebStation, a very professional group that includes computer science experts, web programmers, graphic designers and e-marketers, who have been working with internet-related technologies since 1997. The have put together this excellent and good looking management application that is easy to use for museums, individual collectors, institutional collectors, galleries and dealers. It's  information management solutions help to document and track all the elements as well as the whole of your collection, record information to enhance its value as well as to display its glory on a private or public Web site. Record all the important metadata such as technique, size, price, insurance and exhibitions, connect the artist to the artwork, attach documentations and even handle insurance and exhibition details. You can manage all your artworks, artists, exhibitions with all sorts of related data - documents, invoices, contracts, and information concerning storage and location. ArtBrowse Management is a great choice if you are a curator or a collection manager having to look over many groups of objects. Through the user-friendly interface you can easily handle several collections at the same time whilst also allowing the owner of the collection to browse their artworks.
I have to admit that there is something I love about an app that does what it says it is going to do. Art Browse offers that and more. It is full of useful features to catalogue all aspects of all the individual pieces in your collection and information is kept in the cloud - freeing up space on your computer and available to you whether you are at home or on the other side of the world. There's no software to install and security is of the highest order. Given that so many art-based websites seem to lack a little oomph it might be wise for the forward thinking curator to look at this one.

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