WatchDox Virtual Data Rooms: Virtual data rooms solutions for organizations.

Review posted Mon 31 Oct '11
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WatchDox Virtual Data Rooms is a bit like having a secure conference room available to you whenever you want it. It's like having a safe room where you can safely share information and important data with others knowing that no one else but your invited guests will ever see it. It's ideal use is as an online repository of information that may be used during an investment deal or loan syndication where it's vital that the data is kept inside four secure walls, so to speak.
WatchDox is a security share tool that provides virtual data rooms solutions to organizations. WatchDox also provides customized secure document sharing and virtual data room solutions for different agencies. This  allows companies to maintain full control, tracking and protection of documents inside and outside of the organization. A virtual data room (or ‘virtual deal room’) is an online repository of information that is used for the sharing of documents often in a due diligence process during a merger and acquisition transaction, investment deal or loan syndication. The WatchDox virtual data room was built from the ground up with security in mind making sure it provides the highest level of document security and control on the market with unparalleled ease of use. The WatchDox Virtual Data Room leverages the WatchDox patent-pending document control and tracking technology with the WatchDox bank-grade online storage.

WatchDox is an all-encompassing security business tool that provides a secure and safe environment for the exchange of important and sensitive documents. This simple to use tool provides the user with a place to present sensitive material to other parties especially those involved in areas like takeovers and investment where it is vital that the information stays 'in house.' WatchDox provides three different pricing plans including a simple one for individuals and invites you to get in touch with them for a quote on your specific needs.

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