Photo Deformer: Warp your photos into cool caricatures

Review posted Wed 6 Mar '13
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Ah well, it seems that everyone wants a wacky photo in their collection. Most cameras on your computer seem to have a few filters these days to warp our photos into almost unrecognizable bastardizations. Some of us just share them with their friends for a laugh while some find it a good way to produce a profile picture that is not only funny but also disguises them a little. Photo Deformer is a new photo editing app for smartphones that lets you warp and deform your photos and turn you portrait into a caricature of your former self.
Photo Deformer is a unique set of photo editing tools that give users the power to create caricatures and crazy photos from their own photographs.  It's now incredibly easy to create hilarious caricatures out of your of your friends’ photos. Just choose the photo you’d like to transform from your photo library and the app automatically detects its face and its various features. You can create a perfect caricature in a minute with just one tap. If you choose the manual mode you can modify and create caricatures in an even more advanced and sophisticated way. This innovative new photo app lets you mix, match and create funny photos whenever you want.
Photo Deformer is very easy to use and the only thing the user needs to do is to pick the photo that you want to use. It's intuitive powers do most of the work - especially in automatic mode - and you'll have your caricature photo in a minute r so. But it becomes even more fun in manual mode where you can have much more specific control over all the individual elements of the face so you can accentuate certain features and not others. Photo Deformer is a fun free photo edit app where you can mash up your photos and amaze your friends.

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