Fanchants: We are the champions - more soccer chants than you could shake a stick at

Review posted Fri 9 Dec '11  ·  1000 comments
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Fanchants has just launched their new site which has over 20,000+ real football chants and soccer songs, sung by real fans, from every team you can think of. A must have for the terrace connoisseur. All chants are free to download and roar from users Playstations, Xboxs, smartphones or computers. Fanchants have uploaded chants from over 500 teams from all over the world, as well as updating UK teams with new chants.


Users can store favourite FanChants all together in one place. Great for before and after the match.

Chant Alerts

FanChants send users of the site an alert when new chants for their team go live on the site - keeping them up to date with what’s hot off the terraces.

Staff Picks

Weekly Staff Picks highlight the real doozies of the chanting world. Users get to hear chants that they would not normally hear - and understand what they are singing about.


FanChants is in 32 languages. All chants from outside the UK are translated into English. Humans have done this - not computers or Google translate. There’re some bizarre, awesome and hilarious lyrics. 

Fanchants is a labour of love and will certainly put a smile on your face! Whether you are looking to download for your PS3 or XBox games, your mobile phone or just to listen online, you'll be amazed at the content. Soccer fans are a breed apart and the chants are often very humorous. Chants are "transcribed" so you can see what it is they are singing - and even sing along if you have nothing better to do:-)

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