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Review posted Mon 19 Sep '11
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This is a great app for small businesses that don’t need all of the fancy stuff accountants love but is meaningless to the guys on the coalface. If you do 20 transactions or less a month then you can get your books organized for free, allow 3 users access and get 50MB of storage space. Pay just $9 a month and get 10GB of space with unlimited transaction, user and contact numbers. has been developed with the clear intention of cutting out the unnecessary piles of paper reports associated with accounting and giving business owners easy access to the stuff that really matters to them.

If you’re like most small business owners the first page you’ll see when logging in will become your bible. The dashboard shows you in an instant just how your business is doing with a profit and loss graph and details of income and expenditure, all in real time.

Adding entries to the ledgers is easy and category suggestions are provided. Labelling items can also be customized to suit particular needs and notes can be added to transactions. A great feature is the ability to scan documents and attach them to ledger items within the system. No more hunting through drawers to find the crumpled receipt that goes with an expense entry.

The reporting aspect of is pretty comprehensive and will cover most requirements. This is due to the way it lets members of the team coming from different financial angles to customize reports for their specific needs.

The app is shortly to go mobile and so access to account information will be accessible to small business owners on the go.

A simple bookkeeping app for small businesses that cuts out the tedious stuff that accountants seem to find exciting but provides the stuff you actually want to know.

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