Wedding Planner PRO: The wedding planner that has everything except the bride & groom

Review posted Sat 15 Sep '12
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You could quite easily pay a wedding planner a small fortune to orchestrate your upcoming nuptials but nowadays, you can easily get an app that will do all the hard work for you. And whats more, by doing it yourself, there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be just as impressive as the professional version. Wedding Planner PRO is a beautiful looking and very comprehensive wedding application for iOS that helps you plan for everything wedding related including to do lists, guest lists and all the information of potential vendors plus a complete wedding itinerary to make the big day run smoothly.
Wedding Planner PRO simplifies the planning process to make sure that special day goes without a hitch and turns out to be a fun and memorable day - for all the right reasons.  Designed especially for everything to do with wedding planning, this very useful app can help keep track of all your wedding tasks including the all important guest list as well as complete listings of vendors and ideas for decoration and full note keeping capability - in fact, your complete wedding day itinerary. You can set reminders for tasks to be completed in case you forget what you need to do next and edit your wedding day schedule down to the last minute. Wedding Planner PRO automatically sorts all of your changes by time so everything goes smoothly. Add as many event slots as you need for the big day as well as the location, time and description of the event. Effortlessly mark the guest as to who is attending, not attending or still awaiting a reply. Mark specific vendors your favorites and save unlimited vendor images to help you remember which one you like best. There is even a specific creative space for images and notes to sort out or brainstorm ideas. Track the progress of all your tasks and the guest list all in one place!
When I said this wedding application for iOS was the comprehensive planner I wasn't joking. It really does have everything that you need to organize everything surrounding the wedding event. I've tried to give a pretty good overview here of the features included but, in reality, there are far more than there is room here to list and there is no limit to what you can add. Wedding Planner PRO really does cover everything from the all important guest list right down to the individually dietary requirements of specific invitees. So for all you wedding planners out there who have vowed never to take on the task of planning a wedding again -and you know who you are - this excellent wedding planner app might just tempt you into applying your skills one more time.

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