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Not another pair of socks!!! That's the cry that rings around the house every Christmas time...well, under your breath anyway. While we constantly say that it's the thought that counts and genuinely mean it, there's no doubt that we always have a mental list of things we hope we are given for birthday or Christmas. So, in the same way we write to Santa with our wish list, helps you find all the things you want for yourself or for others and allows you to create lists for others to view. is a gitft tool that allows you to create a place to store the products you find from any website and share them with anyone else. This ensures you never forgot another birthday or ended up giving the exact same wedding present as someone else. This year get and give the gifts you actually want - whether it be Christmas, birthday or just because -  with universal wish lists. These aren't any old gifts either. It's any product or any service from any site whether its a local business or an international one. helps you find, save and get the perfect gift for yourself or anyone else if it comes to that. is free to use on the web, Facebook or your mobile device. In a nice touch let's you take any product, any list, any comment and show, share it and get a second opinion from friends without being pushed to buy.

Socks, underwear, the cd you were given last year...we've all been grateful for the present from your Auntie Daisy but life would be made so much more pleasant if there could be a list of things you want. Your close friends and family tend to have a pretty good idea but it's those rogue Aunts and Uncles who you dont see too much that quite often come up with the socks and undies. The other great thing about is it's simplicity of use that even your Aunt will find easy to use. Just create a list for either you or someone else, pick from's over 3 million products or search out your own and add them and share your list with friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter. more unwanted underwear.

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