Flextory: When you need something more than a spreadsheet

Review posted Sat 19 Jan '13  ·  25 comments
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It's a bit sad really. The fact is, the days of the spreadsheet as we know it, are pretty numbered. While they have served us well, they can be a little cumbersome and better results and analysis can be achieved using other methods. Whether we are using them as an inventory at home for books and cd's or in a business sense to log personnel details or research documents it makes more search now to use a data management application instead. Flextory is an easy to use Software as a Service management system where you can create a spreadsheet for just about anything and organize, categorize and manage all your data simply.
Go beyond spreadsheets while avoiding the complexity of databases. Flextory is an easy to use web-based data management system that goes beyond spreadsheets while avoiding the of the database. It is ideal for listing your inventory, personnel, IT assets, libraries, research data and just about anything else. This flexibility is possible because Flextory allows you to represent any type of item you want and then associate any custom attributes with that item type to describe your data. You can also organize your data into categories and sub-categories however you want then interactively browse items by category and even link items to other items. Flextory also allows you to generate barcodes, scan barcodes in from your Android or IOS device, generate custom reports, attach files to items, have multiple users with different permissions and more. Finally, Flextory offers all of this in an easy to use web-based interface that's optimized for mobile devices so you can access your inventory and other data no matter where you are in the world. What's more, the app's collaborative properties allows multiple users and everyone can manage and view their data simultaneously.
Flextory is a great little app to use at home to make an inventory of your 'stuff' or for the small business person who wants the flexibility of something more than a spreadsheet but doesn't want to take on the complexities of a full on database. It offers simple but useful extra features like a barcode creator and includes others users in the loop for better collaboration. It is also available to you wherever you are in the world via your mobile and whenever you need to. It also offers simple but effective reports but really, it's the fully categorizable spreadsheet factor that will attract most people. Flextory is a simple but very effective, flexible data management system that many will love.

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