Roach Smasher: A wildly addictive game to smash those pesky 'roaches

Review posted Thu 3 Jan '13
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Roach Smasher is one of those totally addictive arcade style games that you can just pick up and play wherever you are and whenever you want. There's no saving your games or different levels to try to attain. It's just a full-on assault for you to simply smash every one of those pesky cockroaches but beware, if you fail to hit enough of the evil little bugs, you could well be in danger of falling through the thin ice you are skating on. If you miss enough times it's game over for you and you fall through the ice. Roach Smasher is a fun game for your iOS that will keep you amused for a while.
Nobody likes cockroaches. They are such creepy little bugs and they are damned hard to kill. You can hit them hard and they are still moving their legs are still moving several hours later. No such worry with this new game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch because when you smash these 'roaches they stay smashed. It's when you miss them that it gets to be a problem. Roach Smasher is what's known as a great little time killer. It's one of those games that you can just pick up and play without having to worry too much about saving your progress or having enough time to finish off all the different levels. To put it simply, its a game you can play if you’re queuing in line, waiting for a train to college or work or even if you are just sitting around bored for a moment. Here are the basic rules. The idea is to squash every roach that you see but there is a twist, of course. Make sure you don’t miss because your game platform is made of thin ice and, every time you poke at a roach and miss it, the ice will crack a little. Every killed roach gets you a point and if you kill multiple roaches in a row it turns into payday. Every consecutive squashed bug will be worth one more point than the last! Every time you miss a bug and hit the ice you’ll make a crack. Miss 20 times in total and your game is done.
Roach Smasher is a very addictive and great looking survival arcade action game that features beautifully animated graphics and is simple to play. You don't have to worry about where you had got up to the last time you played or whether you can finish a level or not. You just have to smash the roaches to smithereens without hitting the ice too many times. So next time you are looking for a quick fire game to improve your hand eye coordination you might want to check out Roach Smasher and smash those pesky cockroaches once and for all.

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