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Review posted Tue 29 Nov '11
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Just a gimmick or the way forward? I’m not sure but then I’m still a lover of paperback books that you can fold in half as you lay on your sunbed next to the pool! I’ve yet to be persuaded about the merits of the tablet when it comes to reading material but that’s just an age thing. This app takes the concept of the electronic book into the restaurant and in particular in respect of the wine menu. With the aid of an iPad or I should say several iPads, depending on the size of your restaurant, you can now have your entire wine menu displayed on screen and with it a lot more content about the wines than is practical with a traditional hard copy version.

Simply provide Molho with your logo and some photographs of your restaurant and in return you’ll get a wine menu designed especially for you. It is then just a case of uploading the details of the wines you offer from the administrator panel and you have the basics covered to enable you to hand your diners an iPad instead of a leather bound embossed book.

I say basics because the iPad wine menu can accommodate a lot more information about the wines that diners can click on to aid them in their choice, things such as background, grape variety and region as well as details about the maker. The app also lets you suggest certain wines to go with certain foods and generally makes the whole process a lot more involved and it is this aspect that prompts a couple of reservations in my mind.

Diners over a certain age might feel a little intimidated at the prospect of an electronic menu and in extreme circumstances restaurant owners may see staff having to sit with them and take them through the functions.

In addition to that the secret behind a profitable restaurant surely lies in the ability to feed people and get them out the door so that another party can have the table. In this respect giving diners War & Peace to read is hardly likely to speed up turnaround times.

$265 per month.  $600 - $1,500 per restaurant set up fee (unlimited IPads)


I’m sure this will become the norm for both wine and food menus for future generations of restaurant goer’s and it probably won’t stop there. With a video link through to the kitchen you could watch your dish being cooked too!

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