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Review posted Fri 7 Oct '11  ·  41 comments
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You know you go into those cool trinket shops that are just filled with thousands of nick-nacks and bits and pieces and you find yourself spending ages going through all the great stuff in there? Each corner you turn reveals a new plethora of delights. Well, IconWanted.Com is the icon equivalent of the trinket store. If you're looking for free icons for your software, mobile or website then they are all here for you.
As the name suggest, IconWanted.Com is a very popular icon search tool where people go when they need free icons for their software, mobile apps, websites, etc. IconWanted.com utilizes smart search technology for its icon search. If you need an icon for your play button, you can enter “play”, “start”, “play button”, “run”, “go”, “execute” and you’ll get the desired result every time.
IconWanted.com has nearly 20,000 individual icons to use and nearly 500  categories including social networking, medical and art icons. All are incredibly easy to grab and put on your own website or blog. You can search the entire catalogue or look through the newest, the most popular, category icons or just alphabetically.

What a smorgasbord of icons there are here. Thousands and thousands of them from formal to fun. I had hours of amusement and wonder just looking through them. I'm obviously the only one to be impressed by IconWanted.Com as they are gaining a little notoriety as 'the place to get your cool icons' and have literally had thousands of 'hits' on Facebook and Twitter. So this is the bottom line...20,000 icons and it's a free site. Go for your icon!

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