Boy Loves Girl (Version 1.5): You are going to need more than flowers and candy to woo this girl

Review posted Tue 13 Mar '12
Boy Loves Girl (Version 1.5) Boy Loves Girl (Version 1.5) Info Visit cute! Boy Loves Girl is a fairly addictive game for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone that follows one boy's adventures as he searches for a way to discover the one thing that's impossible to find and one of life's great mysteries - how to please a woman. The idea is to prove to all around you, and all around the world, that you are the best lover on the planet
Now you can compete in a global leader board to prove to your friends and the rest of the world that you are the best lover on the planet! In this new release of the hit game there is a new shiny leader board that ranks by the highest number of smiles collected in a level. Now you are not only challenged to master all the tricks for earning smiles such as flying over Sleepy, or under Rainy, through Bomber, shocking Thunder and dodging Rocket clouds but you also have to explore the worlds to find the most fruitful levels. New ‘Boy Loves Girl’ has oodles of optimisations which help to make the game run super-slick-silky-smooth - that’s 60 frames per second to be precise! Boy Loves Girl has many other tweaks to entice you. For a start, whilst playing the game you can now listen to your favorite tunes with your iPod music as well as enjoying the new improved positional sounds and fine-tuned difficulty balance. In ‘Boy Loves Girl’ you’ll find 7worlds, over 50 levels, more than 100 challenges, bundles of bonuses and millions of smiles all waiting to be discovered at your fingertips!
If you don't know the storyline to Boy Loves Girl it's basically about a young guy who is determined to find the perfect gift for the woman he loves. Needless to say, this proves to be fairly challenging. Especially seeing that the woman isn't the easiest to please and has a penchant for cute animals from far off lands rather than the usual bunch of flowers or a box of Quality Street. Boy Loves Girl is easy to understand and navigate and looks gorgeous. The game play takes a little mastering but that's one of the great things about picking up a new game. So, if you want to play a game that is a little different to the usual gaming experience, Boy Loves Girl is a charming and exciting game that might do it for you.

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