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Review posted Thu 19 May '11
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Do you want to learn to play piano music?  Check out!

OnlinePianist is the only site of its kind with the biggest index of free animated piano tutorials anywhere online, and a decent sized collection of sheet music as well.  Their online piano tutorials cover everything ranging from Beethoven, to Lady Gaga, to Eminem, to Shakira, to Taylor Swift, to Super Mario themes.

The flash video tutorials are truly amazing, with the ability to adjust the speed of the piano music and lesson, as well as separating the hands so you can practice both hands together or only one hand at a time – just like my Casio keyboard does, but with major benefits over my keyboard!  Each tutorial also shows interesting facts about the song you are learning and the piano music itself is high quality. The keys are even lit up in different colors to show whether they are played by the left or right hand to make it even easier to learn.


At OnlinePianist you have a larger selection of songs than on the keyboard, with new songs being added constantly.  If you register for free you can also post requests on the Request Wall, and vote for other users’ requests.  Rating the requests on the Request Wall is  important as each week the leading three songs are recorded by OnlinePianists’ professional team of pianists, and then uploaded as online piano tutorials.

Is there a song you are really good at playing?  You might want to take advantage of another cool feature if you register - the ability to upload your own tutorials for other people to learn from.  Creating your own online piano tutorial is fairly simple; you just record your piano music as a .midi file, making sure you do a separate track for each hand, and then upload it.

 Under Piano Sheets you will find Sheet music for a lot of songs, but not for newer songs.  Hey, what do you expect for free?  Sheet music is copyrighted!  They do appear to have most of the old classics, including Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky which is one of my favorites… maybe you’ll find some of your favorite songs there too.

 Now, if there is a song you really, really want to learn to play and you don’t want to wait for it to make its way up in votes on the Request Wall, you can order a custom tutorial starting at $29.99 for popular or easier to play songs, up to $74.99 for unpopular or very difficult to play songs.  Seems like reasonable prices to me considering the cheapest I’ve seen a half hour piano lesson for in my area is $30, and the tutorial you can keep forever instead of only getting half an hour of training.

 Their FAQ is short but covered all of the questions I could think of.  Also each page has a box on the right side that contains interesting facts pertaining to pianos and piano music.  And they even have a page where you can enter any chord and see that chord animated to help you learn to play chords you are unfamiliar with.

So, if you are like me and prefer to learn by playing songs you like instead of scales and exercises, or just can’t afford piano lessons right now, the online piano tutorials on OnlinePianist are worth checking out. And it’s a totally free site, which is amazing with what they offer!

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