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Integrate your IRC feed into a new fully scrollable chat room Beautiful text chat for your...
Review posted Sun 27 Oct '13  ·  179 comments

The concept of connecting a chat room to your site is an old one and there are many available without the need to look too hard. Most of them are based on the concept of one on one connections or are geared towards private conversations for small groups. Scrollback is a free, open source chat room application that provides a slightly new type of chat experience by allowing users to integrate their IRC channel with a Scrollback room and then embed it on their website. This allows conversations to flow easily between their IRC and their website visitors.   Scrollback ... Read more

Take your website social with a fill featured and cool chat room

EmbeddedChat Social Integration for your...
Review posted Tue 20 Nov '12  ·  10 comments

What often tends to turn your website from 2D to 3D is its social interaction. There is nothing better than to have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what you do. An easy way to achieve that is to add a good quality chat room to your site. Let's face it, everyone wants a quick answer to their questions and the chat room gives you the opportunity to talk with your customers and find out what they are looking for. It’s also a great place to encourage new visitors to communicate with each other and build up ... Read more

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Did someone say "Get a free video chat room?"

Lifetime The Best Free Group Video Chat
Review posted Sat 8 Sep '12  ·  29 comments

When somebody tells you to "get a room" on Lifetime there aren't any sexual overtones. That's because Lifetime is a simple, free place where you can host a group video chat of up to 9 people at a time. The 'rooms' are secure and private and there is no need for time consuming sign ups or downloads for your guests. Whats more, your 'room' can also host an unlimited amount of text chat users in the same discussion room and it's all completely free.   Lifetime makes is super simple to group video chat with up to 9 people in ... Read more

Add an easy real-time chat window to your website or blog

Chatwee Free chat widget for website...
Review posted Wed 18 Jul '12  ·  4 comments

It's not so long ago that the only time you'd see a chat window on a site would be if it had some sort of sexual connotation but we are way past that now. These days the chat window proves itself to be a very useful tool whether you have a business website or a personal blog. Chatwee is a totally free chat widget that you can place on your website or blog with no coding or technical knowledge required. Use it to let your visitors converse or maybe you can use it in business as your real-time customer service ... Read more

Add a chat room to your website or blog and earn money

Chatwing Live Chat for Any Website or...
Review posted Fri 27 Apr '12  ·  875 comments

Chatwing is a simple and free chat room application that could be the icing on the cake for your blog or website by allowing you to create and embed a social chat element within your site with just a couple of lines of HTML code. It is a lightweight but fast and reliable way of giving your visitors a communication portal with all the safety measures like deletion, banning as well as word filter options. It's also a great way of increasing the traffic to your site as well as providing a source of income.   Chatwing is a free ... Read more

Social chat for Google+

HangoutCanopy Find Google+ hangouts
Review posted Wed 14 Dec '11  ·  27 comments

Sites like ChatRoulette have been a huge success when it comes to fun ways to interact and chat with new people but it's worst trait is probably that it's a little too random. I mean, do you really want to chat to some guy with a hair lip in Russia? Probably not. Hangout Canopy is a social chat app for Google+ that is a  much more precise and fun way to catch up with old friends as well as new ones. It's a great way to meet up with new and interesting people and saves you from the frustration of ... Read more

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Submitted Tue 28 Oct '14
Anonymous way of connecting at events and places

NearUs, the first location based app for anonymous communication - Are you the only one at the stadium thinking that a penalty kick should have been awarded? - At a concert,... Read more


Submitted Tue 7 Oct '14
Coming to change your life, Huh!?

Huh!? a brand new lifestyle app coming to change your simple life. its a very simple app to buzz your friends with various ringtones. imagine a super big notification and... Read more

Dating Script and Mobile Dating Software

Submitted Mon 29 Sep '14
Our dating Script is one of the leading Dating...

Are you looking for a professional dating script? Do you need affordable mobile dating software to build your mobile dating site? Then look no more, you have found yourself the... Read more


Submitted Mon 29 Sep '14
Fantastic social chat network

Welcome to a fantastic social network, Powchat offers everything you would expect from a social chat network including free chat rooms, There is no charge to use our service... Read more