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Beautiful, hand crafted Christmas wallpaper to keep the spirit alive

Christmas HD The creators of your favorite...
Review posted Sat 28 Dec '13  ·  379 comments

So how's your Christmas spirit coming along? Is it still hanging in there? Maybe you need something else to keep the spirit alive for just a little bit longer. Christmas HD is a visually stunning interactive wallpaper application for Android that brings your computer screen to life with wonderfully warm and moving Christmassy images to keep you in the mood. It gives you a series of fully customizable and very high quality, hand-crafted, computer wallpapers all themed around Christmas time.   To keep you in the spirit of Christmas here is a wealth of rich wallpapers for your computer screen ... Read more

Ho!Ho!Ho! Get your Santa pictures here

Pictures with Santa Skip the lines and make your...
Review posted Mon 24 Dec '12  ·  3 comments

Well, there's no time now for rushing to the mall to get your picture taken with Santa. So how on earth are you going to get that photo of you and Mr Claus? The simple way would have to be this fun and entertaining iOS app called Pictures With Santa where you can insert your photos into various photos of the man in red. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of friends and family when you send them the photo. But be quick, because he'll be leaving the North Pole pretty soon.   With all of Santa's time ... Read more

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The ultimate personal assistant for Christmas gifts

Chrift Ideas for Christmas gifts
Review posted Wed 21 Dec '11  ·  4 comments

Some people are brilliant at picking out presents at Christmas time whilst others...maybe not so. Personally, I tend to need all the help I can get. But it's just a question of doing a bit of research and being well organized about buying presents for your friends and family. Chrift is a gift recommendation tool similar to apps like that aim to give the user a much more comprehensive way of determining what gifts they would adore by analyzing their Facebook profile data. Read more

Christmas Apps

Cartoon Character Costumes

Submitted Tue 11 Feb '14  ·  75 comments
cartoon costumes,disney store,cartoon character...

We are a manufacturer which specilized in producing Disneyworld characters, Disneyland Mickey mouse, Cartoon Costumes Mascot! We supply Disney, Toy story, Hello Kitty, Smurfette,... Read more

Its Appt

Submitted Mon 23 Dec '13  ·  25 comments

Appt creates a Win-Win scenario when giving gifts for any occasion; Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, or simply no reason whatsoever!! Read more

Santa's Loot Shoot

Submitted Sun 22 Dec '13  ·  27 comments
Fun Festive Game

Santa's Loot Shoot is a fun new arcade game to get you in the Christmas spirit. Read more

Xmas Camera

Submitted Tue 17 Dec '13  ·  17 comments
Charming Christmas themed camera app for iOS

Xmas Camera is a Christmas themed mobile camera app/photo booth. Thanks to it user can choose photo from its device photo library, or create new one within the app and than add... Read more

Christmas themes for iOS7 : New Wallpaper by

Submitted Thu 12 Dec '13  ·  15 comments
Merry Christmas! Here we bring you the best...

Optimized for iOS 7. Enjoy the new wallpaper. * * * Limited time SALE! 50% OFF * * * Merry Christmas! Here we bring you the best Christmas wallpapers! It can't be more... Read more

Christmas Budget Planner

Submitted Sun 8 Dec '13  ·  902 comments
Christmas Budget Planner expense calculator

Christmas Budget calculator is a handy tool for everyone to keep track of the spendings during the season. It allow you to add the expenses as you spend on Gifts and cards, do... Read more