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Your own personal concierge to recommend, buy, wrap and send gifts to loved ones

Elves My Gift Shopping Assistant
Review posted Mon 28 Dec '15

Santa isn't the only person who's been working hard for Christmas, it appears. Im told that his elves get through a fair amount of work too. According to reports, there are elves who wrap up presents, others that track the weather and more that pack up the sleigh. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the rest of us had our own personal 'elf' to help out when we are buying gifts for our loved ones? Well, maybe now there is... Read more

Beautiful, hand crafted Christmas wallpaper to keep the spirit alive

Christmas HD The creators of your favorite...
Review posted Sat 28 Dec '13

So how's your Christmas spirit coming along? Is it still hanging in there? Maybe you need something else to keep the spirit alive for just a little bit longer. Christmas HD is a visually stunning interactive wallpaper application for Android that brings your computer screen to life with wonderfully warm and moving Christmassy images to keep you in the mood. It gives you a series of fully customizable and very high quality, hand-crafted, computer wallpapers all themed around Christmas time.   To keep you in the spirit of Christmas here is a wealth of rich wallpapers for your computer screen ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

Ho!Ho!Ho! Get your Santa pictures here

Pictures with Santa Skip the lines and make your...
Review posted Mon 24 Dec '12

Well, there's no time now for rushing to the mall to get your picture taken with Santa. So how on earth are you going to get that photo of you and Mr Claus? The simple way would have to be this fun and entertaining iOS app called Pictures With Santa where you can insert your photos into various photos of the man in red. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of friends and family when you send them the photo. But be quick, because he'll be leaving the North Pole pretty soon.   With all of Santa's time ... Read more

The ultimate personal assistant for Christmas gifts

Chrift Ideas for Christmas gifts
Review posted Wed 21 Dec '11

Some people are brilliant at picking out presents at Christmas time whilst others...maybe not so. Personally, I tend to need all the help I can get. But it's just a question of doing a bit of research and being well organized about buying presents for your friends and family. Chrift is a gift recommendation tool similar to apps like that aim to give the user a much more comprehensive way of determining what gifts they would adore by analyzing their Facebook profile data. Read more

Christmas Apps

Warmly Greetings

Submitted Fri 25 Dec '15
All Occasions Personalized Greeting Cards

How the 'Warmly Greetings' works is really simple: 1. Search the occasion name you desire the greeting card. 2. Select the greeting card of your choice from the vast pool of... Read more

Santa Scramble!

Submitted Sat 12 Dec '15
Snag All the Presents and Help Santa and his...

Oh No! Santa lost all the Christmas presents! Can you help Santa and his friends save Christmas!? Fly down the slopes while you help Santa and all his friends gather all of... Read more

Ride before Christmas

Submitted Sun 29 Nov '15
The best Christmas game

A magical ride filled with Christmas spirit! Every gift delivered by players around the whole world is counted. ✔ Fly Santa’s sleigh and get Rudolph to lead the way! ✔ Collect... Read more

DPC Store

Submitted Tue 24 Nov '15
The Uks fastest gorwing online discount store

We pride ourselves on our customer service and our product prices. We have a selection of products at record low prices. From phones to socks we have it all. With... Read more

Theme Copter

Submitted Fri 30 Jan '15
"Akin to Christmas, Back to basics"

“Akin to Christmas, Back to Basics!”- Have you ever wondered that a game as simple as copter can be so addictive and apt for real entertainment ?? Oh Lo, You have spotted just the... Read more

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