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Eliminate grammatical mistakes with automatic and easy checking

Grammar Checker Academic HD grammar dictionary that will...
Review posted Thu 14 Nov '13  ·  196 comments

Let's get this straight from the start. I'm big on good grammar. Anything that can be done to improve the writing capabilities of our students has got to be a good thing. If you are a reader, you will know that there is a big difference between the quality of writing of people like Bill Bryson, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and John Grisham compared with lesser writing mortals like James Patterson and E.L. James. While we are not suggesting that a grammar checker will propel your prose to those heady heights, Grammar Checker Academic HD is an iOS education and ... Read more

Translations that happen continuously as you compose

Translation Cheki translation checki is an...
Review posted Wed 22 May '13  ·  1007 comments

I guess most of us still use Google Translate when it comes to getting accurate translations of foreign language text. It's not too difficult to do except that it takes a few click and pastes and then there's the question of how much text you can translate at any one time, of course. So when an app like this one for iOS comes along, it does make the regular translator sit up and take notice. Translation Cheki takes the cut and paste hassle out of translation by having the app running constantly in the background so all your need to ... Read more

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Intelligent Talking Flashcards: Download New Practical Chinese Reader

Submitted Tue 10 Jun '14
Chinese Learning Software

Learn to speak, read and write Chinese characters from the text New Practical Chinese Reader with talking flashcards, download for your iPhone (iOS) or PC Read more

Reading Jets A to Z

Submitted Tue 20 May '14
Reading Jets A to Z, a powerful way to teach...

Reading Jets A to Z is a powerful way to help children learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet. The App is designed for children aged 3 to 7 years but is also suitable for... Read more

Seven Spots

Submitted Fri 4 Apr '14
Travelling spots in England

Seven Spots provides resources that help to formulate any kind of holiday project, ensuring that the vacation measures up to the expectations of historical geeks, as well as... Read more

English Urdu Translator -اردو سیکھنے کے لئے آسان طریقہ

Submitted Sat 22 Mar '14
Easy Way To Learn English Urdu Translation

English Urdu Translator – Appropriate Mobile App to Learn Urdu with Efficiency Christopher Dawson, the great British scholar, once opined, “The greatest obstacle to international... Read more

English for kids with Benny. Learning English language by flashcards

Submitted Wed 12 Mar '14
teach to study

Children nowadays explore the world very fast. They are confident in pressing computer keys, they learn from an early age how to use mobile devices and many of them have cell... Read more

TrackTest English Online Assessment Centre

Submitted Wed 19 Feb '14
the best way for companies and individuals to...

TrackTest is a web application for independent online testing of English language for business environment. Test your English in grammar, reading and listening. No time limit,... Read more

English Challenge

Submitted Tue 27 Aug '13  ·  3 comments
Download the best mobile apps: Android, iOS,...

Learn English on your smartphone? Why not now? Free Download: Main Features: + With 5000 questions in the... Read more