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Design your virtual garden and turn it into a real one

iScape Free iScape Free
Review posted Fri 4 Oct '13  ·  558 comments

There are quite a lot of free design apps for houses and venues but I don't remember seeing very many that take that concept one step further and let you redesign your yard and garden. iScape Free is a fun and easy way to to create spectacular landscape designs by simply taking a picture of your house and redesigning it to your dream landscape. No more Capability Brown style hand drawn layouts. No more guesswork as to what your finished vision will actually look like. IScape let's you see all of your landscaping possibilities and view a finished image before ... Read more

Choose the perfect color to virtually repaint your house

Paint My Place Dump those paint chips and...
Review posted Sun 22 Sep '13  ·  247 comments

If you own your house or property then you will probably reckon on repainting the place every ten years at least. If you are planning on selling it there is little better than a new coat of paint to freshen it up to impress your potential buyers. But therein lies a problem. How do you choose the right color(s) for the place? Well, you could either use samples or paint chips to try and find the right color or you could use a brilliant house and design app for iOS like Paint My Place to see exactly what the finished ... Read more

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Follow the Winters' as they renovate a house

Ready Aim Renovate Convert your existing space...
Review posted Tue 5 Feb '13  ·  78 comments

They've been telling us over the last few months that the US economy is well on the way to recovery and that recovery is being led by home construction. That certainly isn't the case in Europe as yet but it's the American economy that tends to pull the rest of the world out of the doldrums. I tend to look at the US economy as being like an ocean liner. It takes a while to get up to speed but, when it does get going, it's hard to stop. By my reckoning, the US has just found second gear. So, ... Read more

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Connect with trustworthy pet and house sitters for free

Trusted Housesitters Find a Pet Sitter (for free!)
Review posted Sat 13 Oct '12  ·  11 comments

What do you do with your pets when you go away on holiday? It's not so bad if it's a dog or a cat because there are plenty of kenneling businesses around. Check out FeedMyApp's recent reviews of Pawuv, Spotwag and Embarkly for information on those. Trusted Housesitters is a pet and vacation app that connects pet owners with trusted and trustworthy animal lovers to provide willing house and pet sitters while you are away.   Trusted Housesitters is an app for home and pet owners as well as being a place for trustworthy pet lovers and housesitters. It enables ... Read more

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House Apps

Home Inspection Price Calculator

Submitted Tue 29 Oct '13  ·  117 comments
home inspection house

The Home Inspection Pricing Calculator is the only app out there that allows you to not only use a Home Inspector's Task list, but to also give rough guesses to what repairs would... Read more

Mortgage Cost Calculator

Submitted Thu 3 Oct '13  ·  54 comments
Handy tool for brokers, agents, realtors and loan...

Mortgage calculator is a handy tool for Real Estate Broker, Agent, Realtor and loan officer. The tool can be used to evaluate the lending for a home. It gives complete... Read more


Submitted Mon 20 May '13  ·  44 comments
Home Management Made Easy

Smart Diva by Creative Technosoft System’s is a next-generation app designed for homemakers to control household possessions who are busy in managing their homes with hectic... Read more

Loan Repayment Calculator

Submitted Fri 10 May '13  ·  223 comments
Loan repayment calculator for Individuals and...

Quick loan repayment calculations and save them as the loan product to view later (e.g. Auto Loan, Home Loan, Education Loan). Calculate and evaluate your own loan plan and... Read more