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Go Bananas! Free

Submitted Sat 15 Nov '14
Go Bananas! Free on the App Store on iTunes

Go Bananas! is a simple yet ultra addictive endless runner (actually endless swinger) of a monkey swinging from vine to vine, high up in the tree canopy of the... Read more

Quiz Cup 2014

Submitted Tue 24 Jun '14
The best way to challenge your Friends.

Quiz Cup 2014 is a quiz game centered around the Brazil 2014 World Cup available in six different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German). It enables... Read more

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Rise of Kingdoms

Submitted Mon 16 Jun '14
Clash, Hero, Alliance

Rise of Kingdoms, the new clash game is here raising the bar to the next level! You can customize Hero skills and control your Hero the way you like it! Raid for diamonds, or even... Read more

Belarusian Keyboard

Submitted Tue 15 Apr '14
The best keyboard app for your phone.

We study, understand and remember the words of foreign languages. We don't study our native language, we just feel it. This application allows users to type all the characters of... Read more


Submitted Sat 15 Mar '14
Communicate, Training, Subject

This app is designed to help in a practical way all those who daily face the multiple challenges related to communication. It is by no coincidence that the title of the app is... Read more

Events Counter 2

Submitted Thu 27 Feb '14
events counter, vacation days, counter

Allows you to store arbitrary number of counters consisting of many events,It helps one keep the overview of any countable things in your life like. This app make it easy to... Read more


Submitted Thu 13 Feb '14
Music, playlist, graphics and statistics

The app "guiding principles," is the perfect and easy tool to find himself in the leitmotifs of the "Ring" at right. The app contains the list of all motives, their first... Read more