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Turn your Facebook updates, photos and memories into a real-life coffee table book

Likebook My life in a book
Review posted Tue 14 May '13  ·  604 comments

It seems kind of ironic to even contemplate turning Facebook into a coffee table book. After all, the most successful social media experiment in history has effectively replaced paper in many cases - especially when it comes to photo sharing. But, how about if I said to you that you could have a beautiful coffee table book filled with all your status updates and photos from your Facebook history. Would you think I was mad? Well, that is exactly what Likebook is. You can have your Likebook - in soft or hard cover - delivered quickly to your door and ... Read more

A reminder app that can literally tell you when you forget

B4iGo: Movement reminder A unique approach to get...
Review posted Mon 17 Sep '12  ·  4 comments

I could have done with a memory and reminder application like B4iGo just the other day when I had some washing on, was baking a cake and had a number of phone calls to make. This iOS app takes a unique approach to reminding you of the things that need doing that ensures you will never leave the cake in the oven too long or miss the phone call to cancel your osteopathic appointment. B4iGo uses vibration, visual display and even voice reminders as soon as you touch your phone to go out and forget all the things that you ... Read more

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Make learning times tables a lot more fun

Review posted Wed 12 Sep '12  ·  21 comments

While no one wants to rob kids of their childhood years there is little doubt that the earlier they start learning the better. And, while many parents spend a lot of time reading to their children and starting them off on the road to learning simple words, it's often math that gets left behind. You only have to look at some of the Asian countries who grasp the math concept far quicker than their western counterparts to see how important it is later on in life. Back in the 'old days' times tables were learned on a rote basis with ... Read more

Memory Apps


Submitted Tue 22 Apr '14
Read and Remember articles like never before

UseClark is a document reader that lets you read and remember documents much faster and better. We guide your eyes during reading, the effect is that it takes you less time to... Read more


Submitted Fri 28 Mar '14
Share your memories with generations to come

If you could have a message from anyone in your past delivered to you today, who would it be from? A friend? A relative? Yourself? HearFromMe gives you the opportunity to do... Read more

iLearn For Kids

Submitted Fri 21 Feb '14  ·  2 comments
Amazing educational app to develop basic motor...

This game application helps your child in recognizing alphabets and numbers. It makes learning more interesting and fun-filled with great visual illustrations. This... Read more


Submitted Wed 31 Jul '13  ·  14 comments
Waiting in line at Starbucks? Smash some blocks!

With a combination of tactics, memory skills, and dexterity, the goal of this game is to guide your green bullet to the red target bullet. This might sound simple, but as you will... Read more

Kids Smart Memory Game

Submitted Fri 12 Jul '13  ·  26 comments
Classic Memory Board Game for Children of All Ages

A classic memory board game for children all ages – preschoolers, kindergarten to pre-teens. Four definitive categories - Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, and Birds is a great way to... Read more

Submitted Mon 10 Jun '13  ·  3 comments
Remember What Was Said And Done With Style!

Memrify is a free multiplatform secure place for your all of your personal and collective memories. It is built on a strong filtering system, so your memories are retrieved in no... Read more