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A better way of getting your website readers to absorb information

UseClark Read and Remember articles...
Review posted Thu 24 Apr '14

Do you wonder sometimes if your website visitors actually read and take in the information that you give them? You probably reckon that by simply putting your words on screen that your readers will absorb and understand them. But anyone who has looked at a heat map of their website will already know that there are always 'flat spots' on your site. UseClark is a unique and revolutionary new application that has come up with a three-pronged plan to make sure that your visitors remember you and also remember the message that you are trying to get across.   UseClark ... Read more

Turn your Facebook updates, photos and memories into a real-life coffee table book

Likebook My life in a book
Review posted Tue 14 May '13  ·  604 comments

It seems kind of ironic to even contemplate turning Facebook into a coffee table book. After all, the most successful social media experiment in history has effectively replaced paper in many cases - especially when it comes to photo sharing. But, how about if I said to you that you could have a beautiful coffee table book filled with all your status updates and photos from your Facebook history. Would you think I was mad? Well, that is exactly what Likebook is. You can have your Likebook - in soft or hard cover - delivered quickly to your door and ... Read more

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    Customize your Facebook Timeline page
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    An array of tools to create your Facebook fan page fast
    Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
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    One click bookmarking in one location
    Review posted Tue 3 Jan '12
  • Smivi
    Smart social video searching made easier
    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
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    Fast calendars to print
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    Advanced analytics for your website
    Review posted Fri 6 Jan '12
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    Share your short and precise movie reviews
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Other new & related apps

  • tuneXeso
    music memory game
    Submitted Fri 5 Dec '14
  • Pin There, Done That
    Makes recording your travel easy.
    Submitted Tue 2 Dec '14
  • Mamy Gaga
    Mamy Gaga will be the beautiful...
    Submitted Mon 24 Nov '14
  • Gumba
    "Gumba" is a dead-simple game so...
    Submitted Mon 10 Nov '14
  • NMemorius
    Let us remember our loved ones...
    Submitted Tue 14 Oct '14
  • Driftback
    All your memories in one place.
    Submitted Thu 17 Jul '14
  • EkiMuki - Learn by playing with vehicles
    Learning and developing through play
    Submitted Mon 30 Jun '14
  • Memilog
    Journaling Made Easy
    Submitted Tue 3 Jun '14
  • HearFromMe
    Share your memories with generations...
    Submitted Fri 28 Mar '14
  • iLearn For Kids
    Amazing educational app to develop...
    Submitted Fri 21 Feb '14

A reminder app that can literally tell you when you forget

B4iGo: Movement reminder A unique approach to get...
Review posted Mon 17 Sep '12  ·  4 comments

I could have done with a memory and reminder application like B4iGo just the other day when I had some washing on, was baking a cake and had a number of phone calls to make. This iOS app takes a unique approach to reminding you of the things that need doing that ensures you will never leave the cake in the oven too long or miss the phone call to cancel your osteopathic appointment. B4iGo uses vibration, visual display and even voice reminders as soon as you touch your phone to go out and forget all the things that you ... Read more

Make learning times tables a lot more fun

Review posted Wed 12 Sep '12  ·  21 comments

While no one wants to rob kids of their childhood years there is little doubt that the earlier they start learning the better. And, while many parents spend a lot of time reading to their children and starting them off on the road to learning simple words, it's often math that gets left behind. You only have to look at some of the Asian countries who grasp the math concept far quicker than their western counterparts to see how important it is later on in life. Back in the 'old days' times tables were learned on a rote basis with ... Read more

Memory Apps


Submitted Fri 5 Dec '14
music memory game

The 1st music game fully playable with your eyes closed in "compass mode" is finally here! Challenge on how well do you know your loved music or artists? Play the Music Memory... Read more

Pin There, Done That

Submitted Tue 2 Dec '14
Makes recording your travel easy.

Ever wanted to keep track of your travels? "Pin There, Done That" allows you to do just that. Been to the Eiffel Tower? Pin it. Want to go to New York? Pin it. Love London? Pin... Read more

Mamy Gaga

Submitted Mon 24 Nov '14
Mamy Gaga will be the beautiful surprise in...

Game of memory and speed, you will travel in various movies scenery. Mamy Gaga is a roguish and rebel old lady who collects and locks in cage animals that she meets on her... Read more


Submitted Mon 10 Nov '14
"Gumba" is a dead-simple game so silly it will...

"Gumba" means thumb in Swahili and that's the idea behind the game, you need your thumbs to play it and a great memory to win it. Each level starts by showing a drawing and you... Read more


Submitted Tue 14 Oct '14
Let us remember our loved ones together

Social Networking is very useful/relevant. NMemorius gives purpose to the social. People tend to come together in the time of remembrance. It is not always physically possible to... Read more


Submitted Thu 17 Jul '14
All your memories in one place.

Feeling nostalgic? Driftback for iPhone and iPad integrates and displays all your photos, statuses and other memories from your device and social network accounts in one simple,... Read more