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Illustrate your Facebook Business Page with interactive photos

Lookbook Cloud Interactive lookbooks for...
Review posted Mon 28 Oct '13  ·  252 comments

Most businesses or individuals with something to sell seem to have a Facebook Page to help to advertise themselves these days but the original concept hasn't really developed that much since the inception. Lookbook Cloud is a Facebook marketing application that adds very impressive looking photographic presentations to help to advertise your goods. This includes interactive 'hotspot' pricing and descriptions as well as a very cool looking, sliding photo display.  Lookbook Cloud takes ecommerce up one level and makes your advertising photos totally interactive with no technical knowledge needed at all.   According to Facebook's own statistics, 38% of Facebook ... Read more

Monetize your Facebook with this next gen social shop

Ravox Facebook Store App
Review posted Sun 28 Apr '13  ·  80 comments

If you were waiting for the next 'great leap forward' in online sales for the small business or online shop then you need to look no further than this innovative free Facebook ecommerce application. Given the potential audience that is available through Facebook, Ravox gives you the opportunity to capitalize on its pulling power by  letting you create a completely personalizable online shop and sell your goods to your friends and followers. But that's not all. If you don't have anything to sell, you can also earn money by promoting and sharing other people's products and claim a portion of ... Read more

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A chance for small businesses to compete on social networks

SocialCentiv Turn Conversations into...
Review posted Mon 15 Apr '13  ·  39 comments

Advertising on social media sites has become commonplace over the last few years. It was a boon to really small shops and small businesses because it gave them free advertising and a chance to talk to their fans on a regular basis. But it still isn't easy to get your word across to a bigger audience. Its a lot easy if you are willing to spend big bucks on your advertising campaigns but that just generally isn't an issue for businesses on small, tight budgets. So thats where a social media monitoring app like SocialCentiv comes in. It is designed ... Read more

Get recommendations from your friends without their knowledge

LARKR! social content discovery
Review posted Thu 14 Feb '13  ·  2 comments

You might have see FeedMyApp's recent review of the social media curation and aggregation tool LikeHack. In it we mentioned how overwhelming the amount of incoming content we receive ever day. So much so, in fact, that it can get difficult to cope with. LARKR! is a slightly different style of organizer for your social network feeds. It provides a new way of interaction by combining all your social content from friends and friends of friends into one stream and then recommending new and exciting content based on those feeds.   The idea behind LARKR started a few years ago ... Read more

Social Commerce Apps

Submitted Sat 29 Nov '14
A Curated Shop for Amazon

Canopy features beautiful and functional products, you can actually buy from Amazon. We bring boutique curation to the Internet’s largest catalog. Read more


Submitted Sun 9 Nov '14
Faster Than a Phone Call! Find, Compare & Book...

Ufficient is social networking platform that allows you to connect and communicate with multiple local businesses simultaneously using pictures, videos, text and voice. Instead of... Read more


Submitted Sun 26 Oct '14
Create your own Social Economy

igobono is a social marketplace where members buy, sell and donate goods and services using a social currency (called “bonos”) instead of money. Our platform provides instant... Read more


Submitted Mon 29 Sep '14
FreelyWheely is a place where you can offer your...

FreelyWheely is the best way to find free stuff in your area, and it is also the best way to find new homes for things that you no longer need. It is very easy to use and is... Read more


Submitted Thu 25 Sep '14
We deliver social proof on-demand and at-scale.

ReadyPulse is the best way to leverage social media photos and videos to drive commerce online for digital marketers launching and selling products online. Our patented software... Read more


Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
P2P marketplace for services is a person-to-person marketplace for services where anyone can post a task and have it completed by a reliable local performer or be the performer and earn some extra... Read more