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Online Accounting Solutions

iCashbook Online Accounting Solutions
Review posted Thu 15 Sep '11 is a simple to use app that more or less does what it says on the tin. Three versions are listed although the personal version is in beta and the accountant version requires contact for more information so is likely to still be in development. Read more

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Don't lose money, don't waste time

SnapExpense Don't lose money, don't waste...
Review posted Thu 15 Sep '11

This is a really useful app but I’m confused about where the developer is targeting the marketing campaign! There is a really strong headline message aimed at the guys on the road who need to claim expenses with the emphasis on getting paid quicker by smartening up their act. This is all good stuff but it is also clearly a tool equally as useful to businesses with a lot of people on the road claiming expenses. Read more

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Simplify & Organize your Freelancing

JumboTask Simplify & Organize your...
Review posted Wed 14 Sep '11

For every freelancer there’s probably a hundred Excel pages containing different information cluttering up their system. Add to that the Word documents for estimates and other correspondence necessary to run a business and it’s not difficult to get an idea of the time wasted trying to pull it all together. Read more

Invoicing for Freelancers Made Simple

Invoice Bubble Invoicing for Freelancers...
Review posted Wed 14 Sep '11

If you’re looking for a simple no fuss way to raise and present professional looking invoices to your customer’s then is probably as good a place as any. This app doesn’t claim to be the one-stop management suite for all of your business functions but if you just want to get invoices raised, keep an eye on them and get them paid, it will do the job. Read more

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Mobile GPS Mileage Logging

automilez Mobile GPS Mileage Logging
Review posted Wed 14 Sep '11

We’ve all been there, the end of the month arrives and you need to account for your mileage. You then realise how lax you’ve been in recording it and have to spend ages doing Googlemap direction searches to work out how far you’ve been. And if your diary management is as shoddy as your mileage recording you might not even remember some of the trips! Read more

It's Accounting Made Easy

Yendo Accounts It's Accounting Made Easy
Review posted Wed 14 Sep '11

This is a great looking and very comprehensive on-line accounting package available in a number of countries across the globe. From the basic business functions of buying and selling the system is capable of spreading this information across every type of accounting feature that you and your accountant will need. Read more

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Charge Your Customers by Phone

Mobile Invoicer Charge Your Customers by...
Review posted Wed 14 Sep '11

How many times have you stood in front of a customer politely asking why your invoice is still outstanding to be told that it’s been mislaid and perhaps your accounts department could send over a copy? Or how about the old chestnut “I’d pay you now but I don’t have any cash on me”. Well the days could be numbered for these serial payment dodgers with the app. If you have a Smartphone with a browser you can watch the smile slide from their face as you instantly raise an invoice on your phone, email or text it to them ... Read more

Friend You Can Trust For Your Business

Invoice Dude Friend You Can Trust For Your...
Review posted Wed 14 Sep '11

For a completely free app has a lot of functions and no limits on the number of clients and invoices your account generates. And whilst it’s very simple to set up and navigate, the number of functions available might surprise some people. Read more

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Invoicing Done well

Invoicera Invoicing Done well
Review posted Tue 13 Sep '11

Regardless of whether you’re a freelancer or running a bigger business, a professional approach to your invoicing process will pay dividends and make sure you’re on top of all aspects of billing at all times Read more

Cloud Accounting Solutions Cloud Accounting Solutions
Review posted Tue 13 Sep '11

Any business using Salesforce CRM will have plenty to be thankful for to the guys who built FinancialForce in the same cloud. By linking the processes of the sales, service and accounting departments in 100% real time a whole organization can benefit from a reduction in time spent floundering in the inter-departmental fog. Read more