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Breeze Clock

Submitted Thu 23 Jan '14
Time Tracking is a Breeze!

Breeze Clock is an online time tracking application made and designed for small businesses. It is the easiest way to track time for accounting and payroll on any... Read more

Falcon Expenses

Submitted Sun 1 Dec '13  ·  961 comments
Fully mobile expense tracking.

Falcon Expenses is the first truly fully mobile iPhone solution for expense tracking, there is no need to go to your desktop. Auto-track tax deductible mileage via GPS or simply... Read more

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Mortgage Cost Calculator

Submitted Thu 3 Oct '13  ·  54 comments
Handy tool for brokers, agents, realtors and loan...

Mortgage calculator is a handy tool for Real Estate Broker, Agent, Realtor and loan officer. The tool can be used to evaluate the lending for a home. It gives complete... Read more

CloudBase Inventory Management Software

Submitted Fri 27 Sep '13  ·  438 comments
Inventory Management Simplified

CloudBase Inventory Management, as the name implies, puts your inventory in the cloud. There is no need to download any software or to keep any local databases. Your inventory and... Read more


Submitted Mon 23 Sep '13  ·  93 comments
A beautiful and simple way to send invoices and...

Quaderno is an online application that helps freelancers, startups and small businesses to speed-up and simplify the management of invoices, expenses, estimates, and reports so... Read more


Submitted Sun 8 Sep '13  ·  224 comments
The best free online invoicing software

INV24 is a completely free online invoicing software for your business and finance needs. Manage and easily create your invoices online. You just need to register your free... Read more


Submitted Wed 28 Aug '13  ·  823 comments
Track your work and sales anywhere - invoice...

If you run your own business, keeping track of working hours, sales and expenses can be a real mess. Especially if you are on the run most of the time. Zervant recognises this... Read more

Simply Cashflow

Submitted Fri 16 Aug '13  ·  595 comments
The easy cash flow app for small businesses, with...

Simply Cashflow is an extremely useful app for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). Now integrated with Xero cloud accounting, Simply Cashflow takes your business' numbers... Read more

Loan Repayment calculator

Submitted Thu 25 Jul '13  ·  640 comments
Evaluate Mortgage, Home, car , Education Loan

The free version of Loan repayment calculator allows to evaluate your loan with monthly, quarterly and annual repayment or EMI options.Calculate and evaluate your Home, Personal,... Read more


Submitted Tue 9 Jul '13  ·  67 comments
Connecting people. Sharing data.

Suntico is a private social network that links to Sage accounting software. Implemented companywide in minutes, it provides a Facebook style interface for managing and... Read more