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Add instant memory recall to your Android business tools

RefreshMe RefreshMe is the app that...
Review posted Mon 11 Feb '13  ·  212 comments

RefreshMe is one of those Android apps that makes you wonder why they didn't include it with the cell phone as standard issue in the first place. Very simply, the app gives you a rundown of previous discussions with your incoming contact so that you don't act like a blithering fool or have to hunt around for your notes from the last time you spoke or exchanged texts. Not only will it show you the last time you connected with your caller but it will also remind you of the items you discussed. And, as a very useful final bonus, ... Read more

A rock solid place to store all your passwords

Passwords Plus Protect your Passwords
Review posted Mon 24 Sep '12  ·  46 comments

Passwords for the computer, your online bank account, your iTunes account. Pay Pal, Google, Facebook - there are a million of them, aren't there? It used to be so simple and you could use the same password for everything but nowadays we are encouraged to have a different password for every different account and to change them often. If seems a little ridiculous to write them down on a piece of paper and keep them in the drawer next to the computer so  the most secure option is to have a dedicated and totally safe and secure place to lock ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

Now where was that restaurant that we saw the other day?

Loc.Book Remember all the important...
Review posted Mon 3 Sep '12  ·  9 comments

Look, I have to tell you, Loc.Book was undoubtedly developed with people like me in mind. It's not that I get lost on a regular basis but, put me in one of those massive Westfield type multilevel shopping complexes that was probably designed by that Gruen fellow, and I'm a complete mess. Half the time I can't even remember which floor the shop I want to visit is on let alone it's location. I could use the store locator, I guess, but I could also use an app like Loc.Book to find my way back directly to the store I'm ... Read more

Organize the household with this collaborative whiteboard

HatchedIt Your plans: Hatched. Managed....
Review posted Wed 18 Apr '12  ·  44 comments

HATCHEDit is like a collaborative whiteboard for Android where you can organize your collective family life with a calendar, an address book, a family news and notebook tool and household blog. It's a place to keep all the important information the family needs and then adds a social aspect by letting you share relevant information, not only with your spouse and kids, but also with grandparents, babysitters and au pairs.   HATCHEDit is a mobile whiteboard for managing your personal life and succeeds in bringing social collaborative tools online and into the home.  Its a free organization tool that includes ... Read more

Store your contact details in one place

eGroovyContacts Intelligent address book
Review posted Wed 14 Dec '11  ·  28 comments

Don't you think it's time that we moved on from the humble address book and business card now that we have hit the noughties? I mean, come on people, it's time to move on. If you are anything like me you'll keep all your contact details in various places. Some are on your mobile, some on your computer and some are on sticky post-it notes stuck on your fridge. In fact, here's one in my back pocket. eGroovyContacts is an organize app where you can keep all of your contact details in one handy place and you can access them ... Read more

Address Book Apps


Submitted Tue 24 Feb '15
Reach Your Destination

LocName, short for “Location Name”, is a web and mobile application which can be used by drivers, pedestrians, tourists, delivery agents, and anyone seeking to... Read more

Pong reverse

Submitted Wed 10 Dec '14
Pong reverse - challenge yourself

Cool game website ... Read more

Admission Management System

Submitted Mon 24 Nov '14
Admission Management Software,Admission...

Onlinety Services Use to create a Ready made Web Application software for Schools,Travel Argent,Hospital,pharmacy,Hotels,Tourism Management,Admission,Matrimonial,Shop Management Read more

RecoveryTools Excel to VCF Conversion

Submitted Fri 5 Sep '14
Export Multiple Contacts from XLS< XLSX & CSV...

Convert multiple contacts from MS Excel file into VCF format in simplified way. RecoveryTools Excel to VCF conversion software is a complete solution for converting multiple... Read more

Lowa: Location Address Wallet

Submitted Wed 16 Jul '14
“Lowa” is a location wallet management app that...

“Lowa” is a location wallet management app that allows you to save various location addresses. Once the location addresses are saved you can share them with your friends or send... Read more

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