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The first real-life interactive game where you control all the action

Your Pizza Adventure First of its kind, "Your...
Review posted Mon 2 Dec '13  ·  804 comments

I reckon there's a pretty good chance that, in ten or twenty years time, we might be talking about this app as a groundbreaking event. Your Pizza Adventure is the very first interactive movie game application for iOS where you get to control all the action yourself. It uses real video in a game style format and you get to choose which direction the story goes in every step of the way.   Each and every week there are more than 15 thousand apps created with Apple now reaching an astounding 40 billion downloads alone! There are apps that can ... Read more

Adventure Apps

Dot is Jumping

Submitted Mon 15 Dec '14
Play and have fun

Welcome to the world of fun!! Enjoy with our new game Dot is !!! All you have to do is to make the dot jumping over the obstacle and avoid collision with them ; to enjoy the... Read more

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Other new & related apps

Mr Mannk

Submitted Sun 14 Dec '14
Help Mr Mannk to get his apples

Mr Mannk is an arcade game which is about a little man called Mannk who enjoys to collect apples, because he likes damn apples, and avoids poison. Help him get through the... Read more

Running with Santa 2

Submitted Thu 11 Dec '14
Embrace the snowy adventure to become the...

Addictive for both kids and grown-ups, Running with Santa 2 is our holiday present for you to revive the Christmas magic and brighten up your festive spirit in the best time of... Read more

Space Adventurers

Submitted Wed 10 Dec '14
New game, new adventures

Get ready for mysterious adventures with Noom and Shay! True outer space wanderers, they are always game for anything in the darkest parts of the Universe. But even they have no... Read more

Toggle Jump

Submitted Fri 5 Dec '14
Best way to pass or kill some time while waiting...

Highly addictive and simple game designed specifically to pass or kill some time while waiting in reception, on line, for somebody, bus, train, etc. Simpy designed game, does not... Read more


Submitted Tue 2 Dec '14
STAPPZ - What's live near you?

Our STAPPZ App Vision: Change the way how people live in a city. STAPPZ empowers society to create cityclouds of people . What is STAPPZ STAPPZ- what’s live near you. It’s... Read more

Odysseus Return to Itaca

Submitted Mon 1 Dec '14
Dodge the rock game based on the Ancient Greek...

Steer the Ancient Greek Odysseus and his boat around rocks by tilting your screen to help him return the 565 nautical miles from the Trojan war to his home in the kingdom of... Read more

Amazing Bee - Revenge Pop

Submitted Fri 31 Oct '14
Amazing Beeis a fun simplistic puzzle adventure...

Amazing Bee - Revenge Pop is a draw-the-line puzzle adventure game where the Player draws a path with their finger on screen and a small bee will follow and continue the pattern.... Read more

Cassiel Episode 1: Eduard

Submitted Thu 30 Oct '14
Help Cassiel and Eduard to escape from hell in...

Help Cassiel and Eduard to escape from hell in this awesome platform and dark indie game. The first platform game that you control two independent characters with only one... Read more

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