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The first real-life interactive game where you control all the action

Your Pizza Adventure First of its kind, "Your...
Review posted Mon 2 Dec '13

I reckon there's a pretty good chance that, in ten or twenty years time, we might be talking about this app as a groundbreaking event. Your Pizza Adventure is the very first interactive movie game application for iOS where you get to control all the action yourself. It uses real video in a game style format and you get to choose which direction the story goes in every step of the way.   Each and every week there are more than 15 thousand apps created with Apple now reaching an astounding 40 billion downloads alone! There are apps that can ... Read more

Adventure Apps

Tiny Run

Submitted Mon 5 Oct '15
Have fun and experience an addictive and...

Tiny Run is a fun 2D platform runner game. This 2D runner game allows you to run ,jump , slide and interact with objects like switches and levers to disable traps and overcome... Read more

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  • Tiny Run
    Have fun and experience an addictive...
    Submitted Mon 5 Oct '15
  • Survivor Truck
    Survivor Truck Racing, Truck Racing...
    Submitted Thu 17 Sep '15
  • Copter Fly
    copter fly android game arcade
    Submitted Sat 12 Sep '15
  • Pirate Jigsaw puzzles
    Pirate jigsaw puzzles is an awesome...
    Submitted Wed 2 Sep '15
  • FloodBreaker
    Save Marcus
    Submitted Sat 29 Aug '15
  • Bir dRunaway
    Just how far can you run?
    Submitted Sat 22 Aug '15
  • flyghtclub
    Exclusive Inflight Networking App
    Submitted Sat 15 Aug '15
  • shape runner
    The further you go the better you...
    Submitted Thu 6 Aug '15
  • Dragons run
    Drangons Run is an entertaining and...
    Submitted Sat 1 Aug '15
  • Tripster
    Best way for travelers to discover...
    Submitted Thu 30 Jul '15

Survivor Truck

Submitted Thu 17 Sep '15
Survivor Truck Racing, Truck Racing game,racing...

Survivor Truck In This Game you have to Survive by collecting Fuel & Make Score by Collecting Flag and Coins It is not Easy to Collect Flag from ground because there are lots... Read more

Copter Fly

Submitted Sat 12 Sep '15
copter fly android game arcade

Help Gironildo to reach the skies in this awesome game. Collect as many golds as you can to unlock new do, items and characters. The Copter Fly does not have ads which further... Read more

Pirate Jigsaw puzzles

Submitted Wed 2 Sep '15
Pirate jigsaw puzzles is an awesome adventure to...

Pirate jigsaw puzzles is an awesome adventure to Caribbean island to hunt hidden gold treasure with Captain Hawk.Join beautiful jigsaw pieces in your quest to gold.Challenges of... Read more


Submitted Sat 29 Aug '15
Save Marcus

SAVE MARCUS!!!! Flood is going to kill him. But it is not the only his problem. Kane is an angry hobo who seeks revenge for Marcus. Help Marcus to repair the wall and fight... Read more

Bir dRunaway

Submitted Sat 22 Aug '15
Just how far can you run?

Just how far can you run? Bird Runaway might just be your best way to find out! Made entirely in the powerful Unreal Engine 4, Bird Runaway features astonishing art design... Read more


Submitted Sat 15 Aug '15
Exclusive Inflight Networking App

Ever sat in a bar alone during a delayed flight. Bored of watching movies or browsing skymall on a long flight. Lost a potential business opportunity due to a missed connection.... Read more

shape runner

Submitted Thu 6 Aug '15
The further you go the better you become...

This is a game made to go further beyond the rest. In this game your main goal is to evade obstacles and go as far as possible to obtain the highest score. It may seem easy but... Read more

Dragons run

Submitted Sat 1 Aug '15
Drangons Run is an entertaining and addictive...

The object of Dragons Run is to control the dragons to fly over the rocks that come towards them. The game is quite challanging because you have to pay attention to all of the... Read more

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