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The first real-life interactive game where you control all the action

Your Pizza Adventure First of its kind, "Your...
Review posted Mon 2 Dec '13  ·  804 comments

I reckon there's a pretty good chance that, in ten or twenty years time, we might be talking about this app as a groundbreaking event. Your Pizza Adventure is the very first interactive movie game application for iOS where you get to control all the action yourself. It uses real video in a game style format and you get to choose which direction the story goes in every step of the way.   Each and every week there are more than 15 thousand apps created with Apple now reaching an astounding 40 billion downloads alone! There are apps that can ... Read more

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Lantern Odyssey Free

Submitted Fri 19 Sep '14
mesmerizing adventure

Experience a game unlike any other. A unique puzzle-adventure hybrid with realistic physics and mesmerizing music. Unblock, roll, jump, teleport and climb in a beautiful world of... Read more

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Tiny Diver

Submitted Wed 10 Sep '14
Explore the depths of the sea, Sounds easy? It's...

Explore the depths of the sea and complete the quests in this action packed, underwater adventure game. Sounds easy? It's easy to play but gets tricky! After dropping into the... Read more

Milk Hunt

Submitted Fri 5 Sep '14
The most Entertaining Educational Game ever!

Kando, the zippy Kangaroo, needs your help as he travels across Australia in an adventurous hunt for milk! Roll, jump, glide, bounce, fly & swim across Australia as you help Kando... Read more

Ultimate Forest Runner!

Submitted Sat 23 Aug '14
prince will have to endure the challenges

Be amazed on the antics and tackics of our warrior prince. Play with him and help him avoid the obstacles and traps in the wilderness. This prince will have to endure the... Read more

Feline Fishing Frenzy

Submitted Thu 21 Aug '14
FREE! Best New Game

Feline Fishing Frenzy is a fun new game for all ages! You play a cat equipped with a scuba tank an fun weapons to capture fish from the sea. Use the coins you earn for cool new... Read more

Travel To Little Known Places

Submitted Sat 16 Aug '14
Stories of our travel adventures to little-known...

Travel To Little Known Places is a fun website with humorous stories of a couple's adventures to little-known and unusual places. We share our experiences in a very... Read more

Max Fruit

Submitted Sat 16 Aug '14
The best android game

This is a free run game style for Android. It's a simple but interesting game where you have to get all the fruits along the way and arrive up to the finish line. The game has... Read more


Submitted Tue 5 Aug '14
Stake it till ya make it!

StakeMyRep is a way for people to stay accountable to each others claims. Users create challenges for themselves, and other can bet reputation points on whether they think the... Read more

Missile Man

Submitted Tue 5 Aug '14
Defeat the Diamond Clan in Style!

It's simple! Dodge the beautiful diamonds and Collect crystals all while doing it in this addictive, simple, and fun game. Only Missile Man and YOU can save the world from the... Read more