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Welcome to Treehovenland and grab some candies

Treehoven Candy For Bears Join The Tribe
Review posted Sat 12 Dec '15

Everyone loves cute and cuddly bears, don't they? Especially kids. Kids also like playing online games with cute, cuddly bears in them. That's rather convenient in this case because here we have an online game with bears in it. Perfect! The unusually named Treehoven Candy For Bears is one of those fun mining games that is especially great for kids to play on their tablets. It tests their skill levels and captures their attention with its pretty colors and addictive gameplay. This new kids game for Android and iOS is one of a series of games based around a mythical ... Read more

The first real-life interactive game where you control all the action

Your Pizza Adventure First of its kind, "Your...
Review posted Mon 2 Dec '13

I reckon there's a pretty good chance that, in ten or twenty years time, we might be talking about this app as a groundbreaking event. Your Pizza Adventure is the very first interactive movie game application for iOS where you get to control all the action yourself. It uses real video in a game style format and you get to choose which direction the story goes in every step of the way.   Each and every week there are more than 15 thousand apps created with Apple now reaching an astounding 40 billion downloads alone! There are apps that can ... Read more

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Color Cars - Urban Adventure

Submitted Tue 26 Jan '16
Color Cars, a fast paced puzzle game that will...

Why don’t you go for a drive? Relax and enjoy this colorful fast paced puzzle experience! Are you able to direct the cars into the right colored garage? Discover unique power-ups... Read more

Forager's Buddy GPS Foraging

Submitted Mon 18 Jan '16
Mark the exact locations where you can find...

Forager's Buddy is a free application for android smart phones and tablets, designed to help users mark on the map all remarka-ble places and secret spots, where they can find... Read more

Submarine Dive

Submitted Fri 8 Jan '16
Dive the Submarine, collect the items, pass the...

Submarine Dive is a fun game in which the player controls a submarine. The main object of the game is to pass on to the next level and get as far as you can. In order to do that,... Read more

I Just Want Sugar!

Submitted Mon 14 Dec '15
Coffee with no sugar! Well... I guess I am not...

The Story It's 6:00 AM in the morning. Your alarm clock goes off and you slowly climb out of bed. You wander out to the kitchen, the light burning your eyes as you flip the... Read more


Submitted Mon 16 Nov '15
Join #thepoimovement

"I haven't been anywhere, but it's on my list." - Susan Sontag POI will be available in the Apple App Store on November 17, 2015 This point of interest (POI) app is the next... Read more

Super RCopter

Submitted Mon 16 Nov '15
Enjoy. Just do it!

Super RCopter is arcade game with randomly generated stuff. Simple and fun! Addictive and challenging gameplay. Control your heli to achieve high score and open new unique levels.... Read more

Don't Trust Henry

Submitted Mon 16 Nov '15
android free pixelart indie games family casual...

What is this game? Don't Trust Henry is a free indy mobile game about a finger-eating worm named Henry.The game is planned to be released on every main mobile device in the... Read more

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