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Could be the only flight tracker you will ever need

Flying 'Flying' is an iPhone app for...
Review posted Tue 11 Jun '13

If nothing else, you have to commend the developers of this flight tracking iOS application for picking an absolutely brilliant name for air travel app. To be honest, I'm surprised that no one has used it before. The app was conceived at the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design as a concept iPhone app for logging flights. But in the subsequent year or so, it has evolved into a complete flight tracking app that deals with all your travel needs. From the time that you book your flight to the moment you land Flying aims to keep you informed with up ... Read more

Stream your PC content onto your mobile in real time

AirStream Stream PC over Air
Review posted Wed 5 Jun '13

So many of us are using our smartphones and tablets far more than we do our personal and work computers these days. With the advances in technology for those devices moving at such a rapid rate over the last couple of years their popularity has soared. In fact, with the aid of a good wifi and a few apps, they can almost become a second computer. But there are still some things on your computer that you can't view on your device unless you are prepared to use cumbersome and time consuming methods. AirStream is an app that lets you ... Read more

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Calm your fear of flying

Turbcast fear of flying apps
Review posted Thu 28 Jun '12

When I flew to LA just after 9/11 so many people asked me if I was petrified at the thought of it. In truth, it was probably the safest time to fly. The fact is, it's much safer to fly than it is to drive and you've probably got a bigger chance of being struck by lightning than going down in a plane. But try telling that to the guy sitting next to you that's clutching the seat so tightly his fingers are turning white. Turbcast is an air travel application for iphone and ipad that delivers stone cold information ... Read more

Air Apps


Submitted Sat 15 Aug '15
Exclusive Inflight Networking App

Ever sat in a bar alone during a delayed flight. Bored of watching movies or browsing skymall on a long flight. Lost a potential business opportunity due to a missed connection.... Read more

Scifi DuDu : spaceship racing

Submitted Mon 18 May '15
scifi, spaceship

Space Surfing dudu is a free racing game. Scifi DuDu : spaceship racing we also have this game on android and ios this is a link ... Read more

Black Balloon

Submitted Thu 5 Mar '15
Try to reach the sky with the Black Balloon!

Try to reach the sky with the Black Balloon! Watch out for branches! Just tap the screen once you want to change the direction! Compare your high score with the people from all of... Read more

Close Air Support

Submitted Sun 1 Mar '15
original sidescroller about airstrike

Close Air Support Inshane air strike! Bombs, rockets and gun on your airplane in sidescroller. In this game you control air fighter with a lot of ammo. Fly over city full of... Read more

Submitted Fri 20 Feb '15 - Travel more. offers the cheapest and easiest way to plan travel. The site saves you time by comparing top travel sites in a single search automatically completing the hotel search... Read more

Amazing Airhockey

Submitted Wed 28 Jan '15
airhockey, hockey, board game, mobile airhockey,

Airhockey is one of the best time busters! You can play against your friend or challenge yourself with computer adversaries. Be fast and furious in order to win. It's good for all... Read more

Air Control 2

Submitted Mon 5 Jan '15
The very simple goal in "Air Control 2" is to...

The long awaited sequel to the multi million download hit "Air Control" is finally here, with even more challenging levels. The very simple goal in "Air Control 2" is to master... Read more