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Greate great presentations for your students on iPad using writing, drawing and your voice.

Animoby Standard Turn iPad into Mobile...
Review posted Wed 11 Sep '13  ·  1256 comments

Ever since the introduction of the iPad it has been hailed as the missing link between your computer and your iPhone. There are many apps that simply wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the tablet format because of its size, it's robustness and it's all round user-friendliness. AniMoby Standard offers yet another brilliant concept by virtually turning your iPad into a mobile classroom in a second. It lets you create fabulous looking and quick presentations and lessons using an interactive whiteboard where you can simply write, draw, vocalize and share your pages easily with your students.   AniMoby revolutionizes teaching ... Read more

Easily create great shapes and animations for all platforms

MoxieCanvas Beautiful Web Animations
Review posted Fri 10 May '13  ·  374 comments

While MoxieCanvas really does create beautiful animations we should get one thing clear. We're not talking about cute animals like Bambi or CGI'd like Buzz Lightyear here. This easy-to-use web animator creates clean and smooth shapes of all kinds to embellish your web pages, marketing or presentations without the use of any complicated codes. Create any kind of shape you need (you can have a go at Bambi if you like) using drop and drag. MoxieCanvas is a full-featured editor that generates HTML5 content and uses the KineticJS library so your animations will work everywhere you want it to.   ... Read more

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Simkl TV Tracker

Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
Automatically track what you're watching

Simkl TV Tracker solves the problem of not being able to remember if that movie or show you wanted to watch is on Netflix or Amazon. The service has a website, computer... Read more


Submitted Thu 10 Jul '14
Make Videos? Manage your video projects with...

Real-time annotations and task management on videos, Bring your team to the cloud and increase your efficiency by getting actionable, real-time feedback on your video... Read more

Text Animator

Submitted Wed 2 Jul '14
Animates Text Entered

SriHost is a FREE web App, It is for people who like to generate animated Text or Names.Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Then fill out a form and you'll have your... Read more

Photos story

Submitted Fri 30 May '14
Tell your story in pictures!

Photos story app was made to allow you to create animation with the help of your photos, set special music from your playlist and save this video on your device and publish this... Read more

Cute Kawaii Pics

Submitted Thu 29 May '14
The best kawaii photos

Cute Kawaii Pics is the best app which will help you to forget about all problems and will inspire you with a new energy! Download this app in a few seconds and enjoy it for a... Read more


Submitted Fri 18 Apr '14
Make it lovable what you do

We are brandlovevideos and we make it lovable what you do via awesome explainer videos in reasonable price Read more

StiHost Text animator

Submitted Sat 5 Apr '14
Lets Animate Your Name

SriHost is a FREE web App, It is for people who like to generate animated Text or Names.Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Then fill out a form and you'll have your... Read more

Cartoon Character Costumes

Submitted Tue 11 Feb '14  ·  75 comments
cartoon costumes,disney store,cartoon character...

We are a manufacturer which specilized in producing Disneyworld characters, Disneyland Mickey mouse, Cartoon Costumes Mascot! We supply Disney, Toy story, Hello Kitty, Smurfette,... Read more