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Create and publish apps easily through your smartphone

Architect create an app, make an app,...
Review posted Thu 30 Jan '14  ·  60 comments

Well, you probably thought that your business was right up-to-date when you put your Facebook page together and, even more so, when you moved up to create your website. Nice work and congratulations to you. The only trouble is, the big thing at the moment is the app - and that cost a fair bit to put together, doesn't it? Maybe not. Architect is a new productivity application for Android and iOS that lets you create your very own media rich app in minutes without having to know even one line of complicated coding.   Architect is the first and ... Read more

Beautiful, hand crafted Christmas wallpaper to keep the spirit alive

Christmas HD The creators of your favorite...
Review posted Sat 28 Dec '13  ·  379 comments

So how's your Christmas spirit coming along? Is it still hanging in there? Maybe you need something else to keep the spirit alive for just a little bit longer. Christmas HD is a visually stunning interactive wallpaper application for Android that brings your computer screen to life with wonderfully warm and moving Christmassy images to keep you in the mood. It gives you a series of fully customizable and very high quality, hand-crafted, computer wallpapers all themed around Christmas time.   To keep you in the spirit of Christmas here is a wealth of rich wallpapers for your computer screen ... Read more

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A great set of free photo edit tools to create GIF's and other cool stuff for your blog

Viscomsoft Social Galleries Free Online Funny Social...
Review posted Mon 12 Aug '13  ·  1957 comments

Readers who tune into our reviews on a reasonably regular basis will know just how much we love a good photo editing application. Usually they tend to be a single function set of tools that will use different filters to turn your photos into something special. Quite often, these days, I will use two or maybe three different apps to achieve some truly artistic masterpieces - well, I think so, anyway. So it's kinda rare when a free app comes along that gives you multiple photo editing tools. Viscomsoft Social Galleries is a photo sharing and photo editing tool that ... Read more

An app centre with more apps than Google Play...and more

Free Mobile Helper Free App Center; Android APP
Review posted Sun 21 Jul '13  ·  31 comments

Free Mobile Helper is kinda like an online one-stop for your Android, PC or iOS and is a place that provides a wealth of cool features to improve your online experience - especially if you are of Indian origin. This freeware application is a virtual marketplace that offers a vast array of apps, wallpaper, music, fast servers and management tools - many with a distinct Indian connection or feel to them - and all are completely free.   Free Mobile Helper is one of the best Indian-based local app markets and free app centers and features a wealth of content ... Read more

Get news from around the world in categorized RSS

B24 News Feed B24 NEWS FEED : Easy way to...
Review posted Fri 31 May '13  ·  46 comments

Being a bit of a news junkie myself, I always sit up and take notice when there's a release of a new news application on the market. With our lives tending to be bombarded by sound clips versions of the real story on tv and radio, it is important for many to access news and views from as many different sources as possible in order to stay ahead of the game and know just what is going on out there in the real world. B24 RSS News Feed is a free news aggregator where you can gather a world of ... Read more

Easily create great shapes and animations for all platforms

MoxieCanvas Beautiful Web Animations
Review posted Fri 10 May '13  ·  374 comments

While MoxieCanvas really does create beautiful animations we should get one thing clear. We're not talking about cute animals like Bambi or CGI'd like Buzz Lightyear here. This easy-to-use web animator creates clean and smooth shapes of all kinds to embellish your web pages, marketing or presentations without the use of any complicated codes. Create any kind of shape you need (you can have a go at Bambi if you like) using drop and drag. MoxieCanvas is a full-featured editor that generates HTML5 content and uses the KineticJS library so your animations will work everywhere you want it to.   ... Read more

Decorate your Google+ Hangouts with cool text and logos

HangoutMagix Create Free Graphics For Your...
Review posted Thu 9 May '13  ·  377 comments

While Google+ Hangouts has hardly taken over the world since its inception, the chances are that it's profile will increase somewhat when the iOS version is made available in the not too distant future. At the moment, this free video chat service with face to face and group chats of up to ten people,  can only be accessed by laptop, desktop and Android. HangoutMagix is a rather cool free graphics creator for your video chat that allows you to put up various graphics to decorate your window.   HangoutMagix is a completely free online graphics creator for Google+ Hangouts. While ... Read more

The new intuitive way of getting photo info online

CamFind Discover The World Around You
Review posted Wed 1 May '13  ·  65 comments

Judging by the fact that CamFind logged up over 50,000 downloads in its first week of release it's easy to see that it is an in-demand commodity in the photo share world. This iOS photo recognition app works in the same way that Google Goggles works for the Android in that it gives you a great search engine for information on the photos you have taken. But, while Goggles has a 15-20% accuracy rate on identifying locations from photos, CamFind ups the ante somewhat with an accuracy level that hits around 85%. What's more, it can identify your photos from ... Read more

Get those ads and game invites out of your Facebook feed

Review posted Fri 26 Apr '13  ·  440 comments

There has been much rumbling from Facebook users of late concerning how much they dislike the volume of advertising that has encroached onto their news feeds. I've even had one friend saying that she reports each one as spam whenever they crop up. In reality, it's probably inevitable considering the billion dollars that Mr Zuckerberg reportedly shelled out for Instagram last year. But now we have an app that completely redesigns your Facebook Timeline so that the only things you see are the news, photos and status updates of your friends. Installing Coverfeed for Facebook means you won't be subjected ... Read more

Make Messi your new sporting role model

Lionel Messi HD live wallpaper lionel messi,live...
Review posted Mon 22 Apr '13  ·  102 comments

To the initiated, let me just take a few minutes to tell you about Lionel Messi. In case you aren't aware, Messi is an Argentinian superstar football (or soccer) player who plays for the Spanish club Barcelona and has won the coveted FIFA Ballon D'or award as Best European player four times now. He's as tricky as Maradona or Pele without any of the controversies of the former or the legendary celebrity of the latter. He hasn't been pictured on the front page of the newspaper with numerous prostitutes nor he has been connected with any drug taking scandals. He ... Read more

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