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Review posted Sun 18 Jan '15

The debate between kindle readers and physical paper book readers has raged for a few years now and avid readers seem to have divided into one or the other. Ebook readers love the ease and simplicity of reading a book on their kindle without having shelf loads of books cluttering up their homes while paper book readers love the pure pleasure of holding a book in their hands rather than a piece of plastic. Personally, I think the kindle has a fair way to go to fulfill its obvious potential. However, there is another way of 'reading' books that seems ... Read more

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Dark Romance App for Android

Submitted Wed 17 Dec '14
Dark Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, and...

The Dark Romance web app delivers historical and paranormal romances to Android readers worldwide including: A Woman's Honor, an Illustrated Historical Romance... Read more

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Dark Romance App for iPhone

Submitted Wed 17 Dec '14
Dark Romance novels for iPhone readers

The Dark Romance App for iPhone & iPad delivers historical romance novels, paranormal romance novels, and romance audio books including: A Woman's Honor: An Illustrated... Read more

Monologue: Audiobooks Player

Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
Audiobooks player with an attention to details

Monologue is an audiobooks player built with an attention to details. It provides a huge and diverse assortment of free and downloadable books to your taste and is full of... Read more

Artist Radar

Submitted Sat 6 Sep '14
Never miss new releases and concerts

Artist Radar is the best way to stay up-to-date with your favorite bands, authors and actors. Follow artists and never miss new releases and concerts again! MUSIC,... Read more

Music To MP3

Submitted Wed 16 Jul '14
Free Online Converter

Instantly convert audio and video files to MP3 format with this free online MP3 converter. Simply upload your files, wait for the conversion process to finish and download the... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 May '14
your personal library manager

Bookstoc was webapp born with an intention to connect personal libraries or collection of books owned by individuals, so that books are active rather than gathering dust on... Read more

Multi Audiobook Player

Submitted Thu 2 Jan '14  ·  53 comments
audiobook player multi-speed

Multi Audiobook Player comes with a great list of features designed to make audio book listening easy. Read more