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AudiobooksNow If you love listening to...
Review posted Sun 18 Jan '15

The debate between kindle readers and physical paper book readers has raged for a few years now and avid readers seem to have divided into one or the other. Ebook readers love the ease and simplicity of reading a book on their kindle without having shelf loads of books cluttering up their homes while paper book readers love the pure pleasure of holding a book in their hands rather than a piece of plastic. Personally, I think the kindle has a fair way to go to fulfill its obvious potential. However, there is another way of 'reading' books that seems ... Read more

Audiobook Apps

English Book One free

Submitted Tue 31 Mar '15
Modern way to teach your kids

English Book One free android app offers to teach your kids/children in a modern way through audio and visual effects (text and sounds). Contents of this app taken from an... Read more

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Quran Online

Submitted Sat 28 Mar '15
Quran Arabic English with Audio

Full-featured Quran App. Arabic Text and English translation in parallel. Recitations by multiple reciters, including English. Arabic text is sharp, beautiful, and easy to follow.... Read more

Transcribe Player

Submitted Sun 15 Feb '15
Audioplayer with easy navigation and speedcontrol

Transcribe Player lets you listen to audio files and make short skips in them. You can adjust how many seconds each skip should be yourself. This can be extremely useful if you... Read more

Audiobooks Now

Submitted Wed 4 Feb '15
AudiobooksNow helps users find, purchase and...

The AudiobooksNow ( ) app will help users find, purchase and listen to audiobooks through a streamlined,... Read more

Dark Romance App for Android

Submitted Wed 17 Dec '14
Dark Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, and...

The Dark Romance web app delivers historical and paranormal romances to Android readers worldwide including: A Woman's Honor, an Illustrated Historical Romance... Read more

Dark Romance App for iPhone

Submitted Wed 17 Dec '14
Dark Romance novels for iPhone readers

The Dark Romance App for iPhone & iPad delivers historical romance novels, paranormal romance novels, and romance audio books including: A Woman's Honor: An Illustrated... Read more

Monologue: Audiobooks Player

Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
Audiobooks player with an attention to details

Monologue is an audiobooks player built with an attention to details. It provides a huge and diverse assortment of free and downloadable books to your taste and is full of... Read more

Artist Radar

Submitted Sat 6 Sep '14
Never miss new releases and concerts

Artist Radar is the best way to stay up-to-date with your favorite bands, authors and actors. Follow artists and never miss new releases and concerts again! MUSIC,... Read more