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A new, easy and provocative way of writing a personal diary or journal

Askt App Journal by daily questions
Review posted Sat 26 Apr '14

You might have seen a review that FeedMyApp posted recently for an app called BooksTo.Me. In it, it was mentioned how posting daily Instagram photos has become the new diary for many people and how it was a convenient way of documenting your life. The diary concept has all but disappeared for many these days, but with so many popular online versions available as well as the plethora of personal blogs and journals, it’s obvious that many have a hankering to document their daily activities. But anyone who writes on a daily basis will know that the hardest sentence to ... Read more

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Set Mania

Submitted Thu 14 May '15
A mind-boggling puzzle a day keeps your brain...

Description Set Mania is a puzzle game where you find sets of 3 cards. See how fast you can find a set! Find a set of 3 cards such that each of the 3 attributes of the... Read more

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Triton Snake

Submitted Thu 7 May '15
Triton Snake is the funniest variation on the...

Triton Snake is the funniest and newest variation of the already fun and addictive classic snake game! Unlike the old version, this snake can slither like a real slitherer,... Read more

Fish Fall Best Penguin Dinner

Submitted Sat 2 May '15
This is the best super fun and addictive game of...

This is the best super fun and addictive game of Penguin dinner specially for kids. Help Penguin on snow to catch fish to make roasted fish in dinner to feed very hungry penguin... Read more

Piano Tile

Submitted Sat 18 Apr '15
Don't tap the white tile

Piano Tile inspired from the classic Arcade games. For the arcade gamer this game fulfills their desires completely. Just like Flappy Bird the game seems easy to play & yes... Read more


Submitted Thu 16 Apr '15
An extremely addictive android game

Help the tiny copter fly on a piece of paper and avoid sketchy obstacles to get the highest score possible. Post your score online to compete with the world. - Tap and hold to... Read more

Emotion Shooter

Submitted Sat 11 Apr '15
Whether you're happy, mad, sad or whatever your...

whether you're happy mad sad or whatever mood is you can play this game. The new Emotion Shooter is based on classic Bubble Shooter designed in mid 90's. Main objective of... Read more

Monster Furry

Submitted Sat 4 Apr '15
Best android game launched

The quest of Monster Furry to collect gems and reach at the end of mountain valleys,to discover HIDDEN TREASURE !!!! So what are you waiting for?? Help Monster Furry and guide him... Read more

Real BasketBalls

Submitted Mon 30 Mar '15

How to play- 1.Scroll in the opposite direction where you want to aim your ball. 2.Do Combos to earn more points. 3.Clear more levels to unlock more balls. It can also be termed... Read more

Disk Revolution

Submitted Tue 24 Mar '15
How a 2015 android game should be like

Disk Revolution , a revolutionary game that fusion action, technology, color and an impossible desire to keep playing and collect any disk type and fusion them with each level. A... Read more