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A community for social bloggers

Glipho Meet Social Blogging
Review posted Wed 8 May '13  ·  13 comments

The art of blogging is a tough one and, while there are a lot of really interesting writers out there just waiting to be heard, it's not quite so easy to get your message across. And, therein lies the biggest problem with blogging - getting your voice heard! Glipho is a community for writers that takes blogging social and creates a place where you can display your articles and publish your work in minutes. Connect your Instagram or Flickr accounts and embellish your work with photos while adding your Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts to complete your social picture.   ... Read more

Blogger Apps

Market Prophit

Submitted Fri 20 Mar '15
Klout for Financial Bloggers in Social Media

Market Prophit analyzes financial chatter in social media and generates real-time sentiment, buzz, and other indicators for investors. We also quantitatively rank financial... Read more

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    Klout for Financial Bloggers in...
    Submitted Fri 20 Mar '15
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    Editable stock images at your...
    Submitted Wed 18 Mar '15
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    Fast, beautiful photo scanning and...
    Submitted Fri 13 Mar '15
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    Build native mobile apps for your...
    Submitted Thu 12 Mar '15
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    Your roommates are stealing from you!...
    Submitted Sat 7 Mar '15
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    Submitted Thu 5 Mar '15
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Submitted Wed 18 Mar '15
Editable stock images at your fingertips

Illustrio is the next generation image library. It’s an online tool where users can find images (icons, schemas, graphs, etc), customize them directly inside their browsers... Read more


Submitted Fri 13 Mar '15
Fast, beautiful photo scanning and sharing.

Heirloom enables users to preserve print photos in a single tap, with the help of your smartphone camera, by transforming them into beautiful digital images. Heirloom... Read more


Submitted Thu 12 Mar '15
Build native mobile apps for your WordPress site...

Mobiloud is a SaaS solution designed to convert your WordPress site into a native mobile app for iOS and Android, in just minutes. Mobiloud is easy to use, with no coding... Read more


Submitted Sat 7 Mar '15
Your roommates are stealing from you! Use Expense...

A website for smart splitting of shared expenses among roommates, and following who owes who. Enter what you bought, who shares it, and the cost. We take care of the rest. Read more


Submitted Fri 6 Mar '15
Reward-based music discovery app

Tradiio turns users into the next generation of talent spotters, letting them listen to, and virtually invest in, new artists, launching their careers. Read more


Submitted Thu 5 Mar '15
PerkMe automatically offers discount perks to...

PerkMe uses Apple's iBeacon technology to offer location relevant perks to discount shoppers. Pumping Gas is boring, make it more exciting by letting PerkMe surprise you with cool... Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Mar '15
Smart-Music discovery platform for African music

Vuga is an online music discovery and recommendation service that allows user's to listen to African music as it may appeal to their mood or listening preference. Music selection... Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Mar '15
Feedback and followers for writers (iOS and...

Most simply thought of as Instagram for writing. Users posts a cover photo along with a story, poem, or blog to a category. Peers can read, comment, like, follow, and share. Read more