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Intuitive tools to help your writing to flow naturally

Gingko App The world's only tree-based...
Review posted Sat 31 Aug '13

The art of writing can be a difficult thing unless you are well organized and have the right equipment at your disposal. Many of us have lots of different Word documents, sheets of paper or just stuff in our head waiting to get out and, if only we could organize them a little better, we could well have the next great novel in front of us. Gingko is a new word processor that is the only one that allows you to see the structure of your writing as well as the content on one page at the same time. This ... Read more

Get your best new ideas from the general public and your customers

Buzzsourcing Uber brainstormer for...
Review posted Sat 20 Apr '13

You hear it said all the time! The hardest part of the creative process lies in that spark of an idea that spurs you on in the first place and sets the juices flowing. And who better could there be to come up with those ideas than the people that will benefit the most - the general public and your customers. Buzzsourcing is a new business monitoring and marketing application that uses crowd sourcing to get the answers to your marketing questions. This easy to use app is perfect for businesses that deal with the public and who want to ... Read more

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Submitted Mon 4 Jan '16
Train your Brain!

With Numem you can train your brain and photogenic memory. Just tap buttons in correct order and do not make a mistake. As you are getting through levels, time for memorize is... Read more

NumBoard - Number Game

Submitted Wed 11 Nov '15
Increase your brain power

NumBoard is a number game that you have to touch numbers orderly. Yes quite simple right? but it is really hard to do :D NumBoard evaluates people's eye-brain-hand coordination... Read more

Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle

Submitted Tue 23 Jun '15
How fast can you add two numbers?

Addition is one of the simplest and earliest mathematical tricks taught. Everyone ends up adding two numbers every day for some reason or the other. There couldn't possibly be... Read more

Quadrex - The puzzle game about scrolling tile blocks to form a pattern picture

Submitted Sat 30 May '15
Move tiles to restore the pattern picture!

Perhaps, each of us played the sliding tile puzzle game in childhood, right? And what about the Rubik’s Cube? Can you imagine the combination of these games? Then you can imagine... Read more

Colour Catch!

Submitted Mon 11 May '15
color, catch, brain, word, aytynapp

Colour Catch! This will challenge your pay attention to what you read. • Do you know... Your left brain say the Word But the right one catch Color • How to play Tap... Read more

Color Word

Submitted Fri 17 Apr '15
Color Word is a challenging mind game

Color Word is a brain teasing puzzle game. This is a game of challenging your natural instincts. Our brain is divided into two halves - the left and the right. The Left half is... Read more


Submitted Fri 10 Apr '15
Productivity for creativity—make prototypes...

Precursor is the fastest way to prototype your ideas without distractions, and the easiest way to collaborate with your team in real time. Sketch product design ideas with remote... Read more

Innovation Cloud

Submitted Mon 6 Apr '15
Free online idea management software

Innovation Cloud is forever free online Idea management software. With intuitive design, it enables your team to submit, co-develop and execute creative ideas. It's an easy to... Read more