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Intuitive tools to help your writing to flow naturally

Gingko App The world's only tree-based...
Review posted Sat 31 Aug '13  ·  1883 comments

The art of writing can be a difficult thing unless you are well organized and have the right equipment at your disposal. Many of us have lots of different Word documents, sheets of paper or just stuff in our head waiting to get out and, if only we could organize them a little better, we could well have the next great novel in front of us. Gingko is a new word processor that is the only one that allows you to see the structure of your writing as well as the content on one page at the same time. This ... Read more

Get your best new ideas from the general public and your customers

Buzzsourcing Uber brainstormer for...
Review posted Sat 20 Apr '13  ·  930 comments

You hear it said all the time! The hardest part of the creative process lies in that spark of an idea that spurs you on in the first place and sets the juices flowing. And who better could there be to come up with those ideas than the people that will benefit the most - the general public and your customers. Buzzsourcing is a new business monitoring and marketing application that uses crowd sourcing to get the answers to your marketing questions. This easy to use app is perfect for businesses that deal with the public and who want to ... Read more

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Brain Juice

Submitted Thu 16 Oct '14
A Brain Hack to bring you into your "zone"...

Brain Juice aims to improve productivity levels by bringing you into your "zone" or "flow" whenever you chose to. Brain Juice works by directly tuning up your brain so as to... Read more

Swipey Arrows

Submitted Wed 8 Oct '14
Ultimate game of swipe

Concentrate your mind and swipe the arrow in the right direction. Swipe the Red arrows in the same direction, swipe the Yellow arrows in the opposite direction. Sounds like an... Read more

Submitted Sun 7 Sep '14
draw & share your ideas

Online graph-based diagram designer that makes your docs stand out, Surface.PM is a handy multi-purpose diagramming tool which allows to express complex ideas with peers and... Read more

Candor App

Submitted Fri 11 Jul '14
productivity, brainstorming, collaboration

Candor was designed to allow you to quickly collect and organize the independent ideas generated by your brainstorming team. Read more


Submitted Thu 8 May '14
Heroo is a brain puzzle where the goal is to...

In Heroo the rules are very simple, but puzzles grow more and more complex after each stage. In each level there are several hexagonal elements that can rotate when you tap on... Read more

Generator Land

Submitted Sat 19 Apr '14
Create your own word and phrase generators.

Easily create random word and phrase generators. Great for writers, teachers and anyone else looking to brainstorm new ideas. Use your own word lists or use the built in array of... Read more


Submitted Tue 25 Mar '14
Everywhere your ideas want to be.

Stormboard allows teams to brainstorm and collaborate with a realtime whiteboard and sticky notes. Brainstorm, organize, prioritize and act on the best ideas, in the same room or... Read more

The Ultimate PICSAW Challenge

Submitted Thu 9 Jan '14
Best brainteaser PICSAW puzzle game

An interactive picture jigsaw puzzle game is a perfect brainteaser for all ages, it challenges your brain and refine kids motor skills (eye-hand co-ordination) and increases... Read more