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A simple way to put all your favorite links on one start page

StartMe Stop entering those same URLs...
Review posted Mon 17 Jun '13  ·  419 comments

Bookmarking and browser extensions have always been a very messy aspect of computing. It's rare that people manage to find the time to box up their favorites and use them on a regular basis. I know mine is a mess. There have been big flashy startup pages that have tried to solve the problem but they tend to be over complicated and just don't get used. To be quite honest,  I don't know of any apps that provide the perfect answer to the problem. So when a simple no frills start page like StartMe comes along it's got to be ... Read more

Get your coupons organized and never miss a deal again

Coupons at Checkout Coupon savings without...
Review posted Wed 26 Dec '12  ·  73 comments

The whole concept of coupon shopping has changed a bit over the years. For the uninitiated, coupons are discounts given away by companies as a form of promotion and are particularly prevalent in the US. These days they are used more often by the more price conscious who have turned coupon finding into a bit of an art form. Coupons at Checkout is a very useful lightweight browser extension application that saves you heaps of time by organizing your coupons and presenting them for use at any of your favorite online retailers. And with so many online retailers offering discount ... Read more

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  • Tap My Back
    Tap My Back is a fun app for optimal...
    Submitted Mon 9 Feb '15
  • Goodnight Chrome
    Take back the night from your computer
    Submitted Wed 29 Oct '14
  • Appiance
    Your browser, your way
    Submitted Thu 2 Oct '14
  • MyMundus
    Refinding information easily
    Submitted Sat 29 Mar '14
  • Wibki
    The Next Generation Of Web Browsing
    Submitted Tue 14 Jan '14
  • Owlsee textReader
    The best way to read text file on...
    Submitted Wed 10 Apr '13
  • PriceDetect
    Get The Best Deal - Always!
    Submitted Fri 8 Mar '13
  • SavvySaver
    Free Comparison Shopping Extension
    Submitted Thu 31 Jan '13

A better, multiplatform search engine

wordonthewire because you know you want to...
Review posted Thu 14 Jun '12  ·  27 comments

When it comes right down to it, wordonthewire is a search engine application that allows you to display results from multiple platforms in a single search. So why not just search Bing or Google, you may ask? Well the answer to that question  is that if you are looking up a specific topic,  wordonthewire gives you a much broader and more refined search results. While it doesn't look like its going to be too impressive on first look, this free search engine and browser displays surprisingly good and varied results for your pet subject.   Got serious research to do? ... Read more

A browser extension to suit your needs

Voobar! Enjoy a new experience in...
Review posted Mon 19 Dec '11  ·  11 comments

Browser bars are a much maligned and underestimated part of the Internet experience. We tend to take them for granted but, when they are used properly, they do tend to polarize your browsing habits and speed up your searching ability. Voobar! is a browser extension / toolbar that draws it's inspiration from browsing patterns developed by regular people, just like yourself, that use the Internet on a daily basis.   Voobar! is a browser extension / toolbar that is adapted to your specific needs and consequently, redefines the way you browse the internet. The  extension is built by people just ... Read more

Browser Extension Apps

Tap My Back

Submitted Mon 9 Feb '15
Tap My Back is a fun app for optimal employee...

What if you could engage your team in a fun and productive way? Tap My Back is an innovative app where peer-to-peer recognition is encouraged to boost your team's motivation to a... Read more

Goodnight Chrome

Submitted Wed 29 Oct '14
Take back the night from your computer

Goodnight Chrome is on a mission to give you the power to create quality time with loved ones and get a full night's sleep without the distraction of the internet. Download... Read more


Submitted Thu 2 Oct '14
Your browser, your way

Appiance is a build-it-yourself browser with online communities specifically in mind. In just a few steps, community managers can create a beautiful and useful browser that... Read more


Submitted Sat 29 Mar '14
Refinding information easily

MyMundus is a search engine which helps you finding those websites you forgot to bookmark. The visual search in combination with relevancy makes MyMundus awesome. But what... Read more


Submitted Tue 14 Jan '14  ·  96 comments
The Next Generation Of Web Browsing

On Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones, everything is just one click away. So why on the Web do we solely rely on Search? Wibki is here to challenge that. Making the Internet more... Read more