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Buy and sell all the stuff you wont find in the campus bookstore

Campus Bazar All your campus needs
Review posted Fri 4 May '12

Campus Bazar is like a Craigslist that specifically caters for local students. It's a free one stop marketplace that can be localized to your specific college and provides a place where all student needs can be satisfied - well, maybe not everything a student needs - but you can buy and sell everything from unwanted game consoles to text books. You can even advertise for a new room mate too, if you like. In fact, it can have everything in it that you won't find at the campus shop.   Campusbazar is a free web application for college students that ... Read more

Online marketing meets the social network Truly Social Marketplace
Review posted Fri 23 Dec '11

BeamSnap is a revolutionary free online marketplace that utilizes the strengths and advantages of selling sites like eBay and the social interaction of the social networking experience. Here is a marketplace app that provides a platform for it's members to share, buy and sell specific products. One of the best things about BeamSnap is that every product has an equal chance of getting promoted to fellow members and followers no matter whether they are cheap or expensive.   BeamSnap is unlike any other social networking site. What makes it different from sites like eBay and iOffer is that it is ... Read more

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Make money - rent your stuff to your neighbor

Freegler Save money, hire from your...
Review posted Thu 1 Dec '11

Have a look around the house. I bet you have a whole bunch of stuff hanging around the place that your neighbors would love to borrow if they got the chance. Maybe it's that big tent that you haven't used for five years or the power tool you haven't taken out of the box since the renovations. Freegler is a community site that gives you the opportunity to rent the stuff you have lying around the house and taking up space when it could be making money for you. Read more

Like Ebay, but you barter and swap instead - no money changes hands

Tradeomics Add. Negotiate. Agree. Ship.
Review posted Sat 26 Nov '11

Tradeomics is kinda like a cross between eBay and bartering. Whereas with eBay it's more a question of bidding money on the item you want, with Tradeomics you can decide what you want to trade for that precious item you have found. It's the perfect barter system. You can negotiate back and forth until the deal suits you both and accept or decline trades but, all in all, it's up to you to decide if the deal is a good one or not. Read more

Online Community for Crafters

Things People Make Make the world you want to...
Review posted Tue 22 Nov '11

The community strikes back! ThingsPeopleMake is like that place you always check out when you go to the market - only it's been brought right up to date and into the noughties. ThingsPeopleMake is somewhere for talented crafters, makers and do-it-yourselfers to go to show and sell their bespoke items. Share your projects with your friends and get feedback even if you don't plan to sell them. Read more

Buy and sell text books

Textbooktime Buy and sell text books!
Review posted Mon 21 Nov '11

Textbooks are expensive, thats for sure. If you are a student then chances are you probably don't have wads of cash available to splash out on expensive textbooks that you may not use very often. so you are going to need to find another more cost-effective way of getting the books you need. TextBookTime is a textbook shopping tool that makes it easy to buy discounted textbooks and then sell them back when you are finished with them. Read more

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Contract Management Ba-PRO

Submitted Fri 21 Aug '15
The easiest way to manage all your contracts...

Ba-PRO contract manager is the easiest way to manage all your contracts whilst in the office or on the road. You can work on every platform. Simply log in and you have all... Read more


Submitted Sat 9 May '15
Buy and Sell stuff #quicksmart

NextHand strips the selling process down to the bare essentials so you can buy and sell things in seconds. We created NextHand because we felt that listing items for sale online... Read more


Submitted Mon 20 Apr '15
Easily check the average price for any item on...

GoingRate allows you to quickly check what your item is worth on eBay by calculating the average price for other sold or currently active items. Ideal for those looking to sell... Read more

Latest Database App

Submitted Mon 9 Mar '15
Latest Database App, buy email lists app

Buy now email lists and get more sales for your business or service. Our have big commercial mailing lists for email marketing. Get Latest Database mobile app for and sales. ... Read more