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A truly free resume creator with tips and guides

Career Igniter Create a resume the easy way
Review posted Fri 30 Nov '12  ·  34 comments

If you've read any of the Malcolm Gladwell books or articles in the New Yorker you will probably think that all you have to do when you go for your next job interview is to stride in confidently looking your interviewer in the eye and shake their hand. According to Gladwell, that first impression is the thing that is going to swing it for you. While I fully recommend that approach in interviews you still are going to need an impressive resume to go with your new found confidence. Career Igniter is a clear, concise and simple to use free ... Read more

Recruitment for the best software engineers

Five Year Itch Job offers for experienced,...
Review posted Wed 26 Sep '12  ·  22 comments

It's said that if you are the employer of a great software engineer it's best to try to nail them into a new contract before they've been with you for five years or so. One tends to find that if they haven't found what they are looking for in your business by then they will think about moving on. It's the nature of the beast. So if you are an employer looking to coax one of the great ones out of their soft, cosy and comfortable conditions it's rather difficult for obvious reasons. But how could you encourage and court ... Read more

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    Grow Your Talent!
    Submitted Mon 11 Aug '14
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    OST Recovery software of our...
    Submitted Fri 30 May '14
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    Small Company Job Search
    Submitted Mon 5 May '14
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    Push your career to the next level
    Submitted Tue 17 Dec '13
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    Submitted Thu 21 Nov '13
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    Submitted Mon 29 Jul '13

An executive tune up for your performance management

Kapta Systems Manage Performance in Real...
Review posted Tue 17 Jul '12  ·  24 comments

Kapta Systems could well be described as an executive tune up for your business methods. By that I mean that this business solutions application provides a cost effective elite employee performance management for businesses of all sizes that doesn't take a degree in business studies to understand.  Kapta's business plan is based on performance management problems based on the business experiences of over 100 top executives to identify and solve familiar everyday business problems.   Kapta started with the simple idea of providing great employee performance management tools and solutions to companies and organizations of all sizes. The concept involved ... Read more

Keep a unique work portolio

WorkSimple Individual Edition The easiest way to manage...
Review posted Sat 7 Jul '12  ·  20 comments

Do many of you keep your professional accomplishments up to date on a regular basis or do you only update them when you are applying for a new job? Personally, it's the latter I'm afraid but I totally agree that it would be far more organized and sensible to keep an ongoing record. WorkSimple Individual Edition is a free business and portfolio application where you can detail your working career and then adds a bit of a LinkedIn-style social side to share your efforts.   WorkSimple's Personal Edition is the easiest way to manage your career. It's a simple professional ... Read more

Career Apps

Submitted Mon 11 Aug '14
Grow Your Talent!

We are a corporate social network solution (intranet and extranet) with additional professional services for talent and performance management and customer feedback. We make... Read more

OST Recovery software

Submitted Fri 30 May '14
OST Recovery software of our organization is one...

Well, Outlook users normally try to get back their inaccessible Recovery for OST data with the usage of inbuilt utility named Scanost.exe. This tool is located in MS® Office pack.... Read more

Smaller Than 500

Submitted Mon 5 May '14
Small Company Job Search

Smaller Than 500 is a new web app that helps small business owners and career searchers connect. According to the SBA (Small Business Association) more than 55% of companies in... Read more


Submitted Tue 17 Dec '13  ·  432 comments
Push your career to the next level

KeeSkill is a crowdsourcing platform with an academic approach giving young individuals the opportunity to show companies and organizations what they are capable of (comparable to... Read more

K.I.S.S Guide

Submitted Thu 21 Nov '13  ·  306 comments
Record Your Bright ideas with K.I.S.S. Guide App

Collection of distilled-knowledge, life-hacks and tips which make life easier and simpler. You can make your own entries and add them to your personal library which is built... Read more

OneWire Edge

Submitted Wed 13 Nov '13  ·  20 comments
The leading career site for finance professionals

OneWire Edge is a new premium job seeker account that helps finance professionals gauge their competition and better position themselves in their job search. Now, finance... Read more

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