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The biggest lotteries worldwide! You gotta be in 'em to win 'em

Lottery Results – theLotter Lottery Results online
Review posted Fri 3 Jan '14  ·  194 comments

There has been an awful lot of publicity lately about the huge amounts of money being paid out in lottery competitions around the world. One of the recent US jackpots offered a prize in excess of US$500 million and this trend is being echoed around the world. It's something that any of us in other countries might want to get involved in and buy a ticket. However, in many of these lotteries, the only way you could but a ticket is if you are actually in the host country. theLottery is a lifestyle app that gives you the chance to ... Read more

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OMG! Fortune Free Slots

Submitted Tue 24 Mar '15
#1 Mobile Free Slots Game

OMG! Fortune slots is a FREE to play social casino games app that offers you a chance to play all your favorite casino games in one place: slot machines, scratch cards, bingo,... Read more

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Double Diamond City Slots

Submitted Sun 22 Mar '15
A mobile version of the favorite 3 reel, 1 payout...

Welcome to Double Diamond City Slots! Download now and get 250 FREE credits! The classics are always the best and Double Diamond City Slots is no exception! Diamond City Slots,... Read more

Maang Patta

Submitted Sat 21 Mar '15
Single Card Poker

Do you want to try a brand new Casino Card Game never seen before on mobile? Presenting the one and only Maang Patta-Single Card Poker Casino Game on the app store. Maang... Read more

Royal Showdown

Submitted Fri 13 Feb '15
casino card game

Royal Showdown is a fun, fast-paced casino game that is played with multiple decks of cards containing only 9's through Aces. The player's goal is to obtain a 3-card hand that... Read more

GC Gaming, LLC

Submitted Fri 6 Feb '15
Download. Play. Win.

Our business model is simple - we wanted to create fun and rewarding games for our players - and by sharing our ad revenue, we were able to do so. We were tired of games that made... Read more

Blackjack Free

Submitted Fri 23 Jan '15
Looking for a free Blackjack game? You've found...

Blackjack Free allows you to play one of the most popular casino card games right on your mobile device. Read more

Yatzy Saga

Submitted Thu 22 Jan '15
Yatzy as you never seen it before!

Are you tired to play classic Yatzy/Yahtzee over and over again without getting any further? When it's time to try Yatzy Saga and try all... 160 levels! Yatzy as you never seen it... Read more

Mafia Casino HD Free

Submitted Mon 19 Jan '15
Mafia Casino Free

In Mafia Casino the player competes against AI players to build a casino empire, earn money and become the Godfather of the Mafia. Gloves are off between rivals to become the next... Read more

Blackjack with Comrades

Submitted Sat 27 Dec '14
Blackjack With Comrades - New Card Game with...

Our app enables users to spend time with fun playing Blackjack against friends (also known as 21) in an innovative way, Blackjack with Comrades applies an asynchronous turn-based... Read more