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An adoption app with great recommendations

TheAdoptionApp for Android Helping Couples Navigate...
Review posted Tue 22 Jan '13  ·  201 comments

Adoptions have been back in the news quite a lot lately with the Russian Government's recent decision to stop their children being adopted by US parents. It stemmed from a rather ill thought out decision by one American woman to 'send back' an apparently unruly child she had adopted but had proved too difficult for her to handle. The adoption process is a difficult one at the best of times and, to have the best chance of success, it makes sense to have all the information you need at your fingertips. TheAdoptionApp is a comprehensive guide to the international and ... Read more

An event checklist where everyone gets to have their say

My Event Checklist Essentially a social packing...
Review posted Fri 5 Oct '12  ·  24 comments

I guess the mark of a checklist is that it acts in a Wiki fashion by allowing more than one person to have access to it and be able to collaborate and contribute to the information in it. And if that is the criteria then My Event Checklist qualifies without any problems. This social event sharing application allows multiple collaborators to add and update their lists and can be used from anything from a dinner party for a birthday to a live sporting event. My Event Checklist lets everyone see and contribute to the event they are invited to.   ... Read more

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    Customize your Facebook Timeline page
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    An array of tools to create your Facebook fan page fast
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    One click bookmarking in one location
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  • Mydoid Calendar Todolist
    smart calendar, todolist, event master
    Submitted Tue 17 Jun '14
  • FinishToday
    Never stress about tasks
    Submitted Sat 5 Apr '14
    Organize your life around your dreams...
    Submitted Thu 6 Mar '14
  • Cloud Checklist
    Enforce your memory and attention...
    Submitted Tue 5 Mar '13
  • TaskBean
    Your Auto task Manager
    Submitted Sat 2 Feb '13
  • Checkify
    The Website Checklist
    Submitted Wed 23 Jan '13
  • Buddy Bird ToDo
    Talking Todo App - Tells you what to...
    Submitted Mon 14 Jan '13
  • Plotified
    Discover and share awesome stuff to...
    Submitted Sun 19 Aug '12
  • Pronto
    A beautiful way to keep track of your...
    Submitted Tue 31 Jul '12
  • Short List
    The list that sorts itself
    Submitted Sun 29 Jul '12

A handy and easy checklist when you pack

TripList TripList - The app for...
Review posted Mon 25 Jun '12  ·  22 comments

Regular readers here might have seen the FeedMyApp review recently of the travel checklist and organization app Packing Pro and how we gushed over that essential holiday app. TripList is another fine easy to use holiday checklist that is driven by a powerful engine and provides a complete rundown of everything you will need for your holiday or overseas trip. Trip List is packed with useful travel tools but it is the ability to check off the stuff you are taking as well as the stuff you are bringing back that's going to make it a very useful travel application. ... Read more

Checklist Apps

Mydoid Calendar Todolist

Submitted Tue 17 Jun '14
smart calendar, todolist, event master

Mydoid, A Simple Todo-list & Calendar • Have smart flow and calendar widgets • Invite your friends to activity • Flow through calendar, with just right-left • Change color... Read more


Submitted Sat 5 Apr '14
Never stress about tasks

FinishToday is a to-do list for entrepreneurs or anybody who have many tasks to finish on a daily basis. It boosts productivity by utilizing these features: *** Keeps track of... Read more

Submitted Thu 6 Mar '14
Organize your life around your dreams and watch...

TODOWIZ is an app which will contribute you a hand to succeed the task that needs to be done on basis of priority. It help you lighten up your task by keeping the important tasks... Read more

Cloud Checklist

Submitted Tue 5 Mar '13  ·  76 comments
Enforce your memory and attention limits with a...

Cloud Checklist made by Skybuffer is the brand new web application with online access that allows you to manage your list of tasks synchronously via standard browser based web... Read more


Submitted Sat 2 Feb '13  ·  4 comments
Your Auto task Manager

Taskbean was created as an in house tool for the developers to assign task to each other. they can also track the performance or progress of those assigned task in a fun and easy... Read more


Submitted Wed 23 Jan '13  ·  4 comments
The Website Checklist

Checkify helps website owners and developers get the very best from their online presence using a comprehensive checklist of tasks that can be customised to get any website... Read more