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Send links to your friends in seconds with no rigmarole

Linker Instantly share links to your...
Review posted Fri 7 Mar '14

I know that we've said it heaps of times before but there are really two types of great apps out there in appland. There's the all-encompassing multi faceted app that will astound you with its packload of features and then there are the apps which really only have a single function - but, boy they do it well. Linker fits into the second of those two categories. Linker is an extension tool for Chrome that lets you send links to your friends with just a click of a button rather than cutting and pasting into emails or social media.   ... Read more

A simple way to put all your favorite links on one start page

StartMe Stop entering those same URLs...
Review posted Mon 17 Jun '13  ·  419 comments

Bookmarking and browser extensions have always been a very messy aspect of computing. It's rare that people manage to find the time to box up their favorites and use them on a regular basis. I know mine is a mess. There have been big flashy startup pages that have tried to solve the problem but they tend to be over complicated and just don't get used. To be quite honest,  I don't know of any apps that provide the perfect answer to the problem. So when a simple no frills start page like StartMe comes along it's got to be ... Read more

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Get social to solve your anger problems

WhyMeAngry Discover fun in problems
Review posted Sat 8 Jun '13  ·  187 comments

Anger is such a pointless emotion really, isn't it? It rarely solves anything and we generally end up as being the main one that gets hurt in the process. So how can we solve some of the problems that crop up? Well, an app like WhyMeAngry aims to try to rid the world of anger issues by solving real-life problems in a fun and entertaining way by connecting you with people around the world who could have an answer to your problems.   WhyMeAngry aims to get rid of anger issues and real life problems in a fun,unique and easy ... Read more

Personalize your social media with malware-free emoticons

Sleek Emoticon Editor Ultimate Source of Free...
Review posted Sun 28 Oct '12  ·  29 comments

Surely everyone loves emoticons, don't they? You know what they are don't you? They are those cute little symbols and smiley faces that manage to summarize your inner feelings all within the one character. The only trouble is, many of the ones that you download from the Internet have been known to contain malware, spyware and the odd virus. i2Symbol has a huge free collection of guaranteed malware-free emoticons, symbols and fancy text that are perfect for displaying on your favorite social network, email or word processing app. Read more

Take your music collection with you without using iTunes

PulpTunes Reloaded Stupid Easy Music Streaming...
Review posted Mon 17 Sep '12  ·  23 comments

Probably the best way of describing Pulp Tunes Reloaded isn't necessarily by describing to you just what this music streaming application is. It might be more interesting to tell you what it isn't. The big difference between this music streamer and similar outcome apps like iTunes, Google's Play Music and Amazon's Cloud Player is that there is no cloud technology involved. Pulp Tunes is a simple yet powerful tool that effectively turns your browser into a music streaming service where you can easily drag and drop your music right into your websites and receive a URL that will give you ... Read more

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Social Bookmarking | Papaly

Submitted Thu 2 Oct '14
Start Page Speed Dial of all your favorite...

Have you ever wanted to share your links with all of your friends, but didn't want to take the time to individually pick each one out of a address book in your e-mail, or trouble... Read more

Chromebook Comparison Chart

Submitted Wed 1 Oct '14
Google Chromebook omparison Chart backed by a...

A sortable, filterable comparison table of all available Google Chromebooks listed with their specifications, country availability and release dates. Read more


Submitted Mon 21 Jul '14
Surf Wikipedia with the Power of YouTube

Wibe is a chrome extension that combine Wikipedia and YouTube. Wibe integrates relevant YouTube videos in a Wiki article corresponding to every heading, subheading and summary of... Read more

Submitted Tue 10 Jun '14
Salesforce on speed

The fastest, most focused Salesforce experience. The Chrome sidebar is a beautiful, clutter-free way to work with your customer records. When you install you... Read more


Submitted Mon 2 Jun '14
The Quickest way to research people

Introducing Vibe - The Quickest way to research people (Bringing the ‘Everywhere’ to Rapportive) Profoundis (A startup Chile participant and a Microsoft Accelerator alumnus)... Read more