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A simple to use set of small business management tools that can make you more productive

OElite Platform Your technology partner and...
Review posted Mon 22 Dec '14

One of things that has been holding back small business when it comes to having an online presence has been lack of technical knowledge. Many business owners are technically challenged by website builders and CRMs, feel that they just don't have the computer skills to maintain them properly or figure that they are just too damned expensive to justify. If they do attempt to enter the online world they will generally cherry pick cheap, individual services and hope that they will all work together somewhere down the line. OElite Platform offers a cost effective set of small business management tools ... Read more

A comprehensive free website builder with no monthly fees

SiteKit Put an End to Hosting Fees!...
Review posted Tue 2 Dec '14

If you are looking for a site where you can build a website for free you wont have to look too far to find one - there are heaps of them online. You'll see plenty of sites like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Wordpress that all advertise themselves as free website builders. The truth is, for one reason or another, most of those sites aren't actually free unless you are happy with a rather bland and fairly unresponsive website. If you want anything above the bare minimum, you'll end up either having to pay for it in the form of a ... Read more

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A CMS to create, share and store your data and pay as you go

Xehon Create and Share. Documents,...
Review posted Fri 1 Nov '13  ·  412 comments

To be honest, Xehon is a business content management system (CMS) for Android that acts a bit like a social network for your team. It is a 'pay-as-you-go' application that gives everyone from freelancers to large enterprises everything they need to create, share and store data of all sorts. If also offers easy communication and collaboration within the team. The app provides a rich array of content and includes everything from data and document creation to image gallery as well as messaging and a support forum.   Xehon is a multi-purpose, pay as you go, web platform that can be ... Read more

Create and edit your website in a flash

Snaplive Go live in a snap
Review posted Thu 5 Sep '13  ·  688 comments

While Snaplive is only in private alpha mode at the moment, I can see it being a brilliant and cost effective way of creating and editing great looking websites in the not too distant future. It is an open source and easy to use CMS (or content management system) that utilizes a new concept for putting a website together without the need for programming knowledge. Rather than spending a small fortune creating your website and having someone spending time on updating your information, Snaplive let's you edit your website directly onto the page in real-time and can be used in ... Read more

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A dream come true for web editors

Enso Cloud (Formerly Enso CMS) A Cloud CMS Built for Web...
Review posted Mon 4 Jun '12  ·  82 comments

Enso Cloud is kind of a dream come true if you are wanting to maintain and edit items of your website and you do not have the skill or knowledge to deal with complicated codes. This cloud based customer management system (CMS) features on-site editing, simple HTML templating and managed hosting but it's the editing capabilities that sets it apart from many similar applications.  Edit your work purely by turning it on and blue outlines appear around anything that is editable making things oh-so-easy for the inexperienced client.   Enso Cloud is a web design, hosting and CMS application that ... Read more

Blissfully simple free website building

berta CMS berta is a simple website...
Review posted Thu 15 Mar '12  ·  106 comments

I'm sure there are lots of you out there who have thought about putting a website together for a product or your business or even a personal one, if it comes to that. I bet many of you gave up because it was too hard or too expensive. Well, you can toss those ideas out of the window now because bertaCMS solves those problems simply and easily. This web design application comes with everything you need to start up your very own website and present an online presence to take into the new millennium.   bertaCMS is a free, open ... Read more

Intuitive iPhone address book to die for

phonetrait your personal smart dialer
Review posted Sun 26 Feb '12  ·  173 comments

There are some apps that work well and look pretty crappy and there are others that look great and yet are severely underwhelming in function. phonetrait manages to succeed on all levels. This phone organize application for iPhone is much more than just a pretty speed dialer. It provides an intuitive yet simple format address book that analyzes your twelve most often called friends, family or colleagues and presents them onscreen so you can contact them with pretty well one touch technology.   phonetrait is more than a beautiful speed dial app as it proves tself to be one of ... Read more

"The dog ate my homework" just won't wash with Schoolrack

SchoolRack Create a Free Teacher Website
Review posted Fri 9 Dec '11  ·  102 comments

My word how school life has changed! At the risk of giving my age away I was at school in the days before even photocopiers were a widespread part of a teacher’s kit. I can still remember the smell of the duplicating ink on the History hand-outs.  As for the excuses about why a particularly nasty piece of homework was missing well, leaving it on the bus was about as original as I got. It follows then that a site like Schoolrack would have seemed as far away as a manned expedition to Mars but educational software has now got one ... Read more

Own and master a collaboratively edited Questions and Answers website

Famous Questions Own and master a...
Review posted Fri 11 Nov '11  ·  100 comments

I’m sorry but I really don’t get this one at all. When I first saw the title I assumed it would be a useful educational source of famous questions throughout history such as "how do you like your omelette cooked Mr Bennett?" Read more

Brilliant websites for business

Radium3 Brilliant websites for...
Review posted Wed 2 Nov '11  ·  100 comments

If your website is getting a bit long in the tooth and is basically just the company brochure but available online then radium3 might be the option you need to drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Read more

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