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Get your social community to compare worldwide product prices

PriceItBuy The first social network to...
Review posted Wed 6 Feb '13

Your local Main Street retailer isn't going to like hearing this but there are an awful lot of items that can be bought at much cheaper prices in other countries rather than at your local shopping complex. And while it may not be particularly good for the local economy, if you spent a bit of time shopping around online you can probably find your item at a better price in a store in a different country. The problem is, do you get hold of your item after you've found it? PriceItBuy takes your online shopping social by connecting you ... Read more

The Choice magazine for comparing small business apps

Saikono Saikono helps you choose the...
Review posted Sat 18 Aug '12

You might be asking yourselves right now...Why on earth do I need to have an app to find out which app I need when I can just research it myself?  If you think about it, you have probably already answered the question. Time and money! Saikono is a software comparison application that will save you time by having all the analysis work done for you and it will save you money by helping you not make a dumb purchase decision and having to change it later.   How often have you signed-up to an online service or purchased a software ... Read more

Comparison Shopping Apps

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  • 99fragrance
    Your fragrance store
    Submitted Sun 31 Jan '16
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    Know your Primary Care Costs & Share...
    Submitted Thu 6 Aug '15
  • ebindle
    The for Retail Shopping
    Submitted Sat 11 Apr '15
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    Dive gear price comparison made simple
    Submitted Mon 9 Mar '15
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    World's largest product preferences...
    Submitted Thu 8 Jan '15
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    One Stop Marketplace, Web design
    Submitted Tue 23 Sep '14
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    Bookshub the online hub for cheapest...
    Submitted Sun 7 Sep '14
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    Stop searching. Start looking.
    Submitted Tue 4 Mar '14
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    Britain's First Business Telecoms...
    Submitted Fri 22 Nov '13
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    Pricely Finds it for Less
    Submitted Wed 18 Sep '13


Submitted Sun 31 Jan '16
Your fragrance store

Welcome to 99 Fragrance! You just discovered the newest place for online discounts on perfume, cologne, body lotion, after shaves and other relate product! Our mission here is to... Read more


Submitted Thu 6 Aug '15
Know your Primary Care Costs & Share with others...

The app is designed with a motto of bringing transparency to every day health care costs. Users should be able to search for walk-in clinics and doctors within a geography and... Read more


Submitted Sat 11 Apr '15
The for Retail Shopping makes it easier to find and buy sets (bundles) of products while providing the best total price. This is done by utilizing an advanced multi-item, price comparison... Read more

Scuba Price Dingo

Submitted Mon 9 Mar '15
Dive gear price comparison made simple

Scuba Price Dingo is a user-centric price comparison engine. Unlike many existing shopping comparison sites, it doesn't require merchants to pay to have their products listed.... Read more


Submitted Thu 8 Jan '15
World's largest product preferences database

RatherGet is the first shopping tool to directly use preferences between products, made by real people, as the foundation of its decision advice engine. Already, RatherGet has... Read more


Submitted Tue 23 Sep '14
One Stop Marketplace, Web design

Innovational Steps is online affiliate advertising business presenting a innovative One Stop Marketplace for online consumers by satisfying their shopping needs and services... Read more

Books Hub

Submitted Sun 7 Sep '14
Bookshub the online hub for cheapest books.

Discover, Compare and Buy Books.The online Hub for all Book Lovers where you can get your hands on the best offer price.BooksHub is a Hub for book lovers to discover books... Read more


Submitted Tue 4 Mar '14
Stop searching. Start looking.

Resembl is a visual search engine for furniture and home decor that brings you to the best online merchants. Simply click on a product image to generate a general search. To... Read more