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Zanda Zanda - rate, review and...
Review posted Tue 10 Dec '13

There is so much spam advertising around these days that sometimes it can be a little misleading when trying to make a decision on what you consider to be good recommendations. Whether you are thinking of buying a new car, planning on where to go on holiday or even checking out which movie to see, it helps if you get reliable and honest opinions to make your decision the best informed one. Zanda is a new social comparison application that uses a unique rating system from within its community to give you a much better idea of the best stuff ... Read more

Online shopping with no baggage

Searchgonzo A Product Explorer
Review posted Sun 20 May '12

Searchgonzo is a surprisingly sophisticated free product discovery and shopping comparison application that provides a search tool to find some excellent fashion, travel, sporting or home based products online. What's more, goods on offer are thankfully not provided by advertisers, paid for with spam attached or even cookie based to get something out of you. Searchgonzo is a very clean and intuitive service with a constant stream of quality products in its database making this online shopping experience a positive one. Read more

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    Submitted Sun 12 Jul '15
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    Find procedure price ranges for your...
    Submitted Tue 12 May '15
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    Shop, Compare Prices, Save
    Submitted Fri 24 Apr '15
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Keeping gas prices honest

GasBuddy Find the cheapest gas on the...
Review posted Mon 9 Apr '12

GasBuddy is the app that every North American driver needs to own. With gas prices across the country varying so much from area to area and some gas stations seemingly plucking the price of a gallon of petrol out of a hat it's more important than ever to know where you can get the cheapest gas price closest to where you live. GasBuddy is a free and totally up to date online method of gathering gas price information based on consumer input and enabling you to identify  the cheapest fuel prices across North America. is a gas price ... Read more

Comparison Apps

SpiderChart Pro

Submitted Sun 12 Jul '15
The graphical method of displaying multivariate...

SpiderChart Pro enables user to create dynamic and customized radar chart on the go, it features complex animations and define graphics in a timely manner to distinct each... Read more

Cosmetic Surgery Pricing Calculator

Submitted Tue 12 May '15
Find procedure price ranges for your area

Choose a procedure and enter a zip code to get started. This calculator helps a prospective patient understand the average range for a specific procedure in her area. Read more


Submitted Fri 24 Apr '15
Shop, Compare Prices, Save

At, our goal is to save you money on the items you purchase every day. Our price comparison service connects you with bargain shopping prices from hundreds of... Read more


Submitted Sat 11 Apr '15
The for Retail Shopping makes it easier to find and buy sets (bundles) of products while providing the best total price. This is done by utilizing an advanced multi-item, price comparison... Read more


Submitted Wed 18 Mar '15
Travel the best way

Compare estimated fares offered by taxi cab services in your city. See coupons, offers and discounts offered by different taxi services. How does Taxy help you? • Enter the... Read more


Submitted Mon 15 Dec '14
Compare Your Financial Life to Others

FinancialRank answers the question "How am I doing financially?". It lets you anonymously compare your financial life to others of the same age. See how your savings, retirement... Read more


Submitted Mon 24 Nov '14
Crowdsource foor answers is a online public opinion center where people can create a versus between two options they are considering and share their knowledge, opinions and (user)... Read more