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The first online and in-person game to use GIFs to get your message across

YIX Cards Against Humanity with...
Review posted Sun 13 Jul '14

It's not easy to come up with an original game concept these days. YIX is a new game for iOS that actually manages to come up with something a little bit different to keep us amused. Well, to be honest, you can't really call this entertaining and very social game truly original because it's origins lie in games like Cards Against Humanity and Apples To Apples but, with it's use of animated GIFs rather than cards, it offers a unique take on a fun and often hilarious piece of entertainment that you can play with family and friends.   The ... Read more

Spy on your competitors prices every day of the year

Pentagon Track your competitor's...
Review posted Tue 21 May '13

One of the dangers of online retailing is the possibility that you lose track of your competitors. If you have a retail store in your local mall it's pretty easy to keep track of what your opposition is doing because they tend to plaster it all over their windows but, with your online competition coming from all over the country (or the world, if it comes to that,) it may take a little more effort. Pentagon is a price tracking and monitoring application for online retailing that delivers intelligent information on competitive pricing to help you shape your pricing to ... Read more

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  • VidWars
    Video VS Video with a winner/loser...
    Submitted Sun 31 Jan '16
  • Speedy Crasher
    Easy and Fun, Tap to Play.
    Submitted Sun 20 Sep '15
  • WonUpFit
    Compete with Friends to keep you...
    Submitted Thu 30 Jul '15
  • Sharp
    Sharp your knowledge with SHARP
    Submitted Tue 30 Jun '15
  • Seal the Box
    Anytime Math Workout - Train your...
    Submitted Fri 29 May '15
  • OllyBee
    Create game-driven promotions for...
    Submitted Mon 25 May '15
  • Mississippi Stud
    Perfect your poker face, and your...
    Submitted Fri 8 May '15
  • Mississippi Stud
    Perfect your poker face, and your...
    Submitted Fri 8 May '15
  • Triton Snake
    Triton Snake is the funniest...
    Submitted Thu 7 May '15
  • Brutal Digger - reaction timekiller game
    A fun and difficult game full of...
    Submitted Wed 11 Mar '15

Create unique competitions to engage and encourage more followers

BeeLiked Social Pollination
Review posted Fri 19 Oct '12

One of the 'great leaps forward' of recent times in the world of apps has been the unabashed realization that social media advertising can really work for you. The second giant leap has been the provision of great business tools to monitor, market, promote and analyze your campaigns through your favorite social networks. BeeLiked is a new social media marketing platform that specializes in running engaging and easy to create competitions of various sorts. The idea is to keep your customers satisfied whilst offering a chance to increase your return on income.   BeeLiked is a new social media marketing ... Read more

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Submitted Sun 31 Jan '16
Video VS Video with a winner/loser result based...

VidWars is a groundbreaking app that hosts "video vs video with a winner/loser result based on number of likes" for the first time ever! No app has sparked such directly... Read more

Speedy Crasher

Submitted Sun 20 Sep '15
Easy and Fun, Tap to Play.

This is a basic infinite run game. It is a very addictive game with nice and very colorful graphics. You will be controlling a car and tap your finger on the screen to change... Read more


Submitted Thu 30 Jul '15
Compete with Friends to keep you motivated!

Who does this description remind you of? -Inconsistent visits to the gym -Trackers are cool but the novelty has worn off -Committed to a Workout routine, but you get sick, go... Read more


Submitted Tue 30 Jun '15
Sharp your knowledge with SHARP

Sharp is completely free mobile application which help you to do practice of different subjects. Subject's questions are scientifically categorized. This not only helps... Read more

Seal the Box

Submitted Fri 29 May '15
Anytime Math Workout - Train your Brain

Seal The Box is a game dedicated for increasing the basic mental capability of calculating simple mathematical problems related to additions and subtractions. This game will act... Read more


Submitted Mon 25 May '15
Create game-driven promotions for your website...

OllyBee provides a funny approach to collect leads and decrease bounce rate. Just hide graphical objects on your website and suggest visitors to seek them. If you are content... Read more

Mississippi Stud

Submitted Fri 8 May '15
Perfect your poker face, and your winning hand,...

Mississippi Stud - 5 Card Poker Game - Vegas Texas Holdem presents an engaging and entertaining alternative to the bog-standard poker game. Easy to play, hard to master, it's easy... Read more