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A fun and logic-based kids board game for ipad

Confetti HD One-Two-Three Confetti are...
Review posted Wed 16 Jan '13

The rapid rise in popularity of tablets in general and iPad in particular has thrown open the whole concept of mobile games over the last couple of years. While the home computer opened up the whole gaming world it doesn't have the user-friendliness of a mobile version to capture the attention of the younger ones and the mobile phone is just too small. Confetti HD is a challenging new fast paced and fun game for older kids. This colorful logic-based board game for iOS requires you to gain points by collecting the right combination of three cards and complete your ... Read more

Create unique competitions to engage and encourage more followers

BeeLiked Social Pollination
Review posted Fri 19 Oct '12

One of the 'great leaps forward' of recent times in the world of apps has been the unabashed realization that social media advertising can really work for you. The second giant leap has been the provision of great business tools to monitor, market, promote and analyze your campaigns through your favorite social networks. BeeLiked is a new social media marketing platform that specializes in running engaging and easy to create competitions of various sorts. The idea is to keep your customers satisfied whilst offering a chance to increase your return on income.   BeeLiked is a new social media marketing ... Read more

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Crowd source your building projects from thousands of architects worldwide

CoContest Architecture for People
Review posted Mon 27 Aug '12

With our lifestyle channels now filled with building and home improvement design shows like Grand Designs there has naturally been a swing back towards building and designing your own homes over the last few years. But one of the hardest things to find (and one of the most expensive) is a good architect. CoContest is a architectural design crowd sourcing application that will host design contests to find the best design for your renovation project. You can set the specifications for your project and even set the reward for the winning artist.   CoContest is a crowdsourcing platform for all ... Read more

Share and converse with friends in any language

Chumkee Talk to the World
Review posted Sun 1 Jul '12

With interest in Pinterest at an all time high it may be time to look at another free social network application that has the potential to catch the attention of the avaricious app-eating public. Chumkee let's it's members create and post funny videos of themselves answering specific questions, posting funny photos of themselves or taking challenges. It's social side rears it's head by allowing the user to enter  into conversations with others that find their posts fun or interesting no matter where they are in the world. Chumkee translates your conversation into one of over 30 different languages to make ... Read more

Hire Top Designers

BrandNinjas Hire Top Designers
Review posted Mon 14 Nov '11

Do you look at other companies' expensive design projects and wish they were available to your company too? Basically, they are just too expensive for a smaller company to afford. Or are they? BrandNinjas is a team of experienced and very professional graphic designers who have got together to form the business design and contest tool BrandNinjas and deliver quality design work at an affordable price. is the brainchild of professional graphic designers who have honed their craft within design firms and ad agencies and build brands for companies large, small and in between. The launch of BrandNinjas ... Read more

Get A Sponsor Get A Sponsor
Review posted Sun 13 Nov '11

I am always astonished by the talent there is out there just waiting to be 'discovered.' You've just got to watch shows like America's Got Talent and The Voice to get an idea of the talent waiting to explode. So if you are a performer how can you showcase your undoubted talent when you can't manage to get onto one of the big TV shows. URSponsored is a video music contest app that provides you with another chance to showcase your skill, whatever it may be, to a worldwide audience.     URSponsored was created with one goal in mind and ... Read more

Run Twitter Competitions

Interactwive Run Twitter Competitions
Review posted Thu 20 Oct '11

It's easy enough to set up a competition or a vote on your Twitter account. it's not quite so easy to gather up and analyze your data and return tweets  to judge the results. Interactwive is a contest and game tool for Twitter that gets you creating in seconds and analyzing the results as soon as they start to come in.     If you want to run a competition or a vote on Twitter but Interactwive gets you set up to go in seconds. It’s your contest, and you can set it up how you want. Just input the specifications ... Read more

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Spotlight presents Internet Games

Submitted Thu 27 Nov '14
The Internet Games. Hunger Games meets social...

VUID, Inc. Announces New $10k ‘The Internet Games’ Contest On The Spotlight Social Contest App VUID Inc., the creator of the Spotlight app, today announced the launch... Read more


Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
Build a gallery of photos your that your...

Build a gallery of photos your that your customer's have posted to major social networks. Showing that others care about your brand is one of the most powerful things you can... Read more


Submitted Mon 7 Jul '14
Connecting video creators and viewers on a deeper...

Connecting video creators and viewers on a deeper level than ever before. We host 14-day talent contests where contestants receive bonus points for replying to fan questions... Read more