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Tag your favorite fashion items and never miss a sale again

Shoptagr Track designer items you...
Review posted Fri 3 Jan '14  ·  267 comments

You know how it is girls, don't you? You've spotted that perfect outfit in the window of your favorite clothing store but you just can't justify spending that amount of money on it. Maybe you can check in every now and again with all the different stores to see when it goes on sale. Kinda time consuming though isn't it. Shoptagr is a fashion price tracking application that does all the leg-work for you. Just tag the item you are interested and the app will do the rest and let you know the moment it drops in price. What’s more, ... Read more

Get your coupons organized and never miss a deal again

Coupons at Checkout Coupon savings without...
Review posted Wed 26 Dec '12  ·  73 comments

The whole concept of coupon shopping has changed a bit over the years. For the uninitiated, coupons are discounts given away by companies as a form of promotion and are particularly prevalent in the US. These days they are used more often by the more price conscious who have turned coupon finding into a bit of an art form. Coupons at Checkout is a very useful lightweight browser extension application that saves you heaps of time by organizing your coupons and presenting them for use at any of your favorite online retailers. And with so many online retailers offering discount ... Read more

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Use Facebook to geolocalize your hunt for those Louboutin shoes

Facearound Explore the world around you!
Review posted Sat 17 Nov '12  ·  31 comments

One of the big problems with new startups is that, even though the developers have come up with a brilliant concept, the app really can't take off without having plenty of members to input information. Quite often, an app really won't hit it's straps until a year or so into its life - if it lasts that long. With Facearound you don't get that problem because it is directly tied to Facebook and draws on a lot of their members' information while encouraging its own members to get involved too. What this iOS app does it to geolocate all the ... Read more

The role model for the ultimate shopping experience

Pickn'Tell Pickn'Tell provides fashion...
Review posted Sat 10 Nov '12  ·  27 comments

In an ideal shopping and retailing world Pickn'Tell would probably be the perfect role model for a successful shopping experience. This shopping application gives mobile customers a complete and comprehensive shopping experience while giving retailers the perfect advertising medium to not only have total contact with their audience but also to analyze the results afterwards. Pickn'Tell is a location-based app specifically designed for fashion lovers and fashion retailers where the customer can share their retail experience with friends using video and photos via your phone camera or with in-store digital mirrors.   Pickn'Tell is a location based mobile service that ... Read more

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Submitted Thu 25 Sep '14
Superpower your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

What is Mobengge: MobEngage is an online platform for creating exciting mobile campaigns to engage customers and generate quality leads. Create and deploy campaigns in less than 5... Read more

Shoppoke- Shopping Tools

Submitted Wed 24 Sep '14
Instant Customer Delight

Shoppoke is an android app which contains all necessary tools required for shopping across hundreds of businesses on mobile. One can easily browse across multiple website by... Read more


Submitted Wed 10 Sep '14
Sales, stores, and maps for 1000+ Malls

Malltip delivers in an intuitive, attractive app all the information and features mall shoppers want: store directories and favorites, sales, deal alerts for stores or products,... Read more


Submitted Sun 31 Aug '14
Mobile Shopping Redefined

No more googling or looking for lowest prices, coupons, deals or discounts. All of it is automated in Smart shopping platform Valuetag. Lowest prices from similar stores are... Read more


Submitted Fri 20 Jun '14
ecommerce, auctions, offers, request, bids,...

Runkets is the place to ramp up your sales, get your products seen by many people and discuss details directly with your buyer. Read more


Submitted Sun 1 Jun '14
Stack Up Savings

BrightBuy is a free shopping web app with a simple goal: help you save the most money shopping online. It finds coupons, cashbacks, discounted gift cards, and more discount... Read more