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A step by step guide to help you write your first novel

Now Novel Write your novel, period.
Review posted Tue 1 Oct '13

It wasn't that long ago that I had an idea to write my first novel. I was fascinated with the concept of so many celebrities dying at the age of 27 (check it out...I'm serious) and I was thinking f a way of weaving the idea into a credible story. Needless to say, the idea of typing the whole thing out and working out various plot lines with little or no blueprint to work from got to me and the project got put on the back burner. The next thing I know, I'm casually doing an Internet search on '27' ... Read more

Get your best new ideas from the general public and your customers

Buzzsourcing Uber brainstormer for...
Review posted Sat 20 Apr '13

You hear it said all the time! The hardest part of the creative process lies in that spark of an idea that spurs you on in the first place and sets the juices flowing. And who better could there be to come up with those ideas than the people that will benefit the most - the general public and your customers. Buzzsourcing is a new business monitoring and marketing application that uses crowd sourcing to get the answers to your marketing questions. This easy to use app is perfect for businesses that deal with the public and who want to ... Read more

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  • Artist's Eye
    Help you to draw and paint in real
    Submitted Sun 6 Dec '15
  • MyIndiEye
    The best way to explore monuments at...
    Submitted Wed 24 Jun '15
  • Filtux
    Filtux Photo Effects
    Submitted Sun 24 May '15
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    The first truly digital platform for...
    Submitted Mon 11 May '15
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    Free online idea management software
    Submitted Mon 6 Apr '15
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    Beautiful Minimalist MacBook Stickers
    Submitted Tue 3 Mar '15
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    All you need are colors
    Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
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    Submitted Sat 21 Feb '15
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    Submitted Sun 8 Feb '15
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    Submitted Sat 17 Jan '15

Create and share scrapbooks with social friends

Wollage, the social-scrapbook creatively share your...
Review posted Tue 10 Apr '12

Scrapbooking was huge during the nineties if I remember rightly but i guess it got rather swallowed up by the social networking phenomena over recent years. Wollage re-activates the scrapbooking theme and brings it up to date with the new century technology by turning it social. Rather than painstakingly sticking photos, precious memories and a myriad of other stuff into your scrapbook and then filing it under the stairs for viewing later by a select few, Wollage brings your collective memories into a social setting by allowing you to create your scrapbook online and then sharing it with friends and ... Read more

Creativity Apps

Artist's Eye

Submitted Sun 6 Dec '15
Help you to draw and paint in real

Do you want to draw and paint but lack the skills? Learning to draw develops observational skills, hand-eye coordination and patience. It gives a person an immediate way to see... Read more


Submitted Wed 24 Jun '15
The best way to explore monuments at your own...

Visiting India? Or interested in its ancient monuments? Wish to travel cheaper without depriving yourself of indulging in its rich, ancient history? Want to rid yourself of pesky... Read more


Submitted Sun 24 May '15
Filtux Photo Effects

Filtux is a small and lightweight (under 1 MB) and simple photo effect app. But despite the file size, it's a powerful editing tool, so there are many filters and designs to... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 May '15
The first truly digital platform for independent...

Readbug is a digital service for independent magazines. With more than 170 issues available, including both current and back issues, we provide our readers with a daily dose of... Read more

Innovation Cloud

Submitted Mon 6 Apr '15
Free online idea management software

Innovation Cloud is forever free online Idea management software. With intuitive design, it enables your team to submit, co-develop and execute creative ideas. It's an easy to... Read more


Submitted Tue 3 Mar '15
Beautiful Minimalist MacBook Stickers

Stickerlicious is a small online shop for minimalist designed macbook stickers. All stickers are open source and can be downloaded and (re)created for free as well. Read more

Color Bits

Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
All you need are colors

Ever seen great colors in a boring subject? You can extract all of these great color bits and compose them into an artwork. Color Bits is a fun way to discover colorful world and... Read more