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Get your complaints dealt with to the betterment of all sides

GripeO A Better Way to Complain
Review posted Tue 4 Mar '14

They say that for every person that physically complains about a service you provide or a product that you sell, there are at least six others that don't. They just tell their friends...who tell their friends...who tell their friends. The fact is, having people complain about your business is not a bad thing. It gives you the opportunity to put things right and to establish a good rapport with customers. GripeO is a free customer support and help desk for web and mobile that makes the complaining procedure easier by changing the way we do it. It aims to work ... Read more

A comprehensive help desk that is free for small business

VivaDesk On-Demand SaaS Help Desk...
Review posted Sun 13 Oct '13  ·  434 comments

We've said plenty of times here at FeedMyApp that one of the major benefits of the app generation has been the opportunity given to small business to run their show using free or very cheap applications. There are plenty of excellent CRM's and project management tools that give the small team a chance to compete with the big guys. But, something you don't see very often is something that can take up a lot of your precious time - namely, the help desk app. VivaDesk offers free and pad versions of their on-demand, web-based help desk and customer support vehicle. ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

A 'Made for Mobile' survey and quiz app for great CRM

Survey Anyplace Mobile Feedback made Easy
Review posted Wed 3 Oct '12  ·  79 comments

I guess the biggest difference between this new online survey application and other recently reviewed apps like TabletView and Pinnion is that Survey Anyplace has been developed specifically for mobiles. This iOS and Android app is a simple way for anyone to create eye-catching surveys and quizzes, wrap them in their own brand colors, add a logo and multimedia elements and get customer feedback to provide a better service and better profits. At under thirty dollars a month for the most popular plan Survey Anytime may be a cost effective way of providing better customer service management for your business. ... Read more

Customer Support Apps


Submitted Wed 22 Oct '14
Simple and efficient email support tool

SupportYard is a web application that converts all inbound email requests into simple tickets and keeps them organized in one place. It is suitable for support, sales and any... Read more

Retention Factory

Submitted Sat 27 Sep '14
Retention Factory turns one-time customers into...

We help e-commerce retailers keep in touch with their existing customers, automatically, with pre-configured, retail-centric email templates that are driven from your store's... Read more

Banckle Live Chat Add-on for FireFox

Submitted Fri 19 Sep '14
FireFox users can now use Banckle Live Chat...

Mozilla FireFox users can perform online collaboration and interaction with their website visitors and customers with Banckle live chat add-on for FireFox. Using Banckle live chat... Read more

Banckle Live Chat App for Shopify Store

Submitted Fri 15 Aug '14
Live Chat and Customer Support App for Shopify...

Banckle live chat app is Free and very easy to integrate with Shopify stores, all you need to do is sign up on Banckle for free account using this link:... Read more

LiveAgent Helpdesk

Submitted Mon 4 Aug '14
The best way to increase customer satisfaction,...

All-In-One Customer Service Software Let customers interact with you on all fronts. LiveAgent supports all available contact methods - email, online chat, call center,... Read more


Submitted Tue 15 Jul '14
Provide personalized customer support services...

Banckle.Helpdesk is an Online Customer Support App which automatically creates support tickets for all the incoming email messages. You can also integrate and manage multiple... Read more


Submitted Sat 5 Jul '14
Helprace - Be a Winner in the Customer Service...

Providing amazing customer service experiences has never been more important than now. Today’s customers are expecting more. They can afford to be more picky as they have... Read more

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