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Remote casting for actors and performers

Let It Cast Audition Here and Now
Review posted Wed 23 Nov '11

Apparently the inspiration for LetItCast was set many years ago when the director Stanley Kubrick was casting for his "Full Metal Jacket" movie and invited actors to send in their audition tapes to apply for the parts rather having an live audition. LetItCast is a casting and employment app used by the leading productions where you can submit your audition 'tape' and actually audition for the role. Read more

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Submitted Mon 31 Mar '14
Agile, web based job application management for...

Thank you for signing up. SwyftCV is a win,win solution for both employers and job applicants. No need for applicants to attach CVs and send via email all the time or fill new... Read more

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Submitted Thu 13 Feb '14
ResumeRepublic is free resume hosting provider...

ResumeRepublic is free resume hosting provider and online resume builder with awesome resume templates. ResumeRepublic brings a whole new experience of creating, viewing and... Read more


Submitted Tue 13 Aug '13
The Resume Specialists

CVsIntellect is a free online resume builder that helps you create jaw-dropping, killer resumes that never fail to impress, within minutes. With several years' business... Read more


Submitted Mon 18 Feb '13
Create Stylish Professional Resume In Minutes

Few months ago I was trying to change my job. The process itself was pretty simple, I will go to different job sites to find job openings that fit my profile and then apply. But... Read more


Submitted Fri 20 Apr '12
Create a professional and beautiful resume in...

Resumonk is an online resume builder that saves you money and time by helping you create professional and beautiful resumes. Resumonk handles the job of formatting and converting... Read more