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Create a beautiful Twitter header with this simple graphic editor

HeaderCover Let's create beautiful...
Review posted Mon 25 Nov '13  ·  449 comments

Over the last year or so there have been plenty of apps released that have let you create your own Facebook or Timeline header. Cover Photo Maker, new FB Cover and Picscatter are now used by millions to create beautiful images for your social media pages. There haven't been very many, however, that serve the same purpose for Twitter users. HeaderCover uses a fast and easy 'step-by-step' process to create beautiful Twitter headers that integrate your photo within the image.   You know what they say! First impressions are lasting impressions and they tend to last forever! If you want ... Read more

Dead easy, all-platform apps for small business

BiznessApps Mobile Apps For Business Made...
Review posted Sat 26 Jan '13  ·  181 comments

It has become apparent that, in these Internet-friendly times,  it is almost essential for any business to have an online presence of some sort. With the massive amounts of smartphones and tablets owned by potential customers these days, if you don't have an app associated with your business then you might well find that custom that could be coming your way could well be going to a business that does. That's all very well for big businesses with plenty of time and cash but what about the small business? How can they compete? Well, now there is a new design ... Read more

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  • Canva
    Amazingly simple graphic design
    Submitted Wed 8 Jan '14
  • TwitterHeaderCover
    Let's create bautiful Twitter header
    Submitted Fri 8 Nov '13
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    Submitted Fri 19 Jul '13
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Youve redesigned your Timeline page. Now for Google+

Google Plus Cover Photo Maker Powerful, responsive, easy to...
Review posted Fri 20 Apr '12  ·  9 comments

Google+ has tended to be the forgotten brother when it has come to designing pretty covers for your online pages. While Facebook's Timeline has been festooned with great cover making apps like Picscatter, Cover Photo Maker for Facebook and New FB Cover but I'm finding it very hard to find any apps for tarting up your Google+ cover page. So thank goodness for Google Plus Cover Photo Maker - a free design engine for Google where you can make your cover page one notch up from the rest. is a powerful, responsive and very quick and easy to ... Read more

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Submitted Wed 8 Jan '14  ·  178 comments
Amazingly simple graphic design

Canva brings together a drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million stock photographs, graphic elements and fonts, giving you everything you need to... Read more


Submitted Fri 8 Nov '13
Let's create bautiful Twitter header

"This is the place where you can create beautiful, unique and custom Twitter header cover effortlessly" Our graphic editor is built specifically for creating Twitter header. We... Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Jul '13  ·  22 comments
Crash test dummies for entrepreneurs

Want to validate the idea to create the next big thing? Build and validate your MVP with real users in less than 30 days without coding. Read more

Submitted Tue 19 Mar '13  ·  48 comments
turns any ordinary saying texts into a beautiful...

One way to make any texts message or saying more memorable is by making it "eye-catchy". But, designing is a complex process. It involves things like typography, shapes, color... Read more


Submitted Fri 20 Jul '12  ·  3 comments
Publishing your thoughts beautifully.

Inspirably will let you share your thoughts as beautiful quotes which you or everyone can publish it on their social media or convert into Facebook cover, profile picture, or... Read more